You are hereCrappie Fishing Tips: Crappie Gear & Crappie Baits

Crappie Fishing Tips: Crappie Gear & Crappie Baits

Crappie Fishing Tips: Crappie Gear & Crappie Baits

Author: mark fleagle

Old School Crappie Fishing Family Secrets

Crappie Fishing Gear

Schools of crappie were first found throughout the Eastern United States and into Canada. Over the years, stocking of crappie has occurred throughout the united states The crappie spread quickly to rivers, streams and lakes and if left unchecked can over populate quite quickly and crowd out other species.

No Need to worry that your area of the US or Canada getting over populated soon because the crappie is one of the most sought after game fish.You can catch them at several different time of the day. In all seasons, and weather. It has been said that Crappie fisherman bind all anglers in America together. I suspect that is why there is so much amazing fishing information available about this species.

Well enough with the background on the crappie so lets get to the teeth of this article and that is to give you some valuable crappie fishing tips about proper crappie gear,and crappie baits. To be consistent at catching the crappie you need to understand them and learn how to catch them. I have developed a list of fishing tips that I think will be very helpful when you plan on fishing for crappie.

#1: Crappie Gear Without the right fishing gear you will have a rough time catching crappie. You need to have a good long crappie rod with a sensitive tip, a graphite pole over 8ft long is better, but an old bamboo pole will work also. If you intend to get your self a a good graphite crappie pole you will need a matching spin cast reel that is rated for 4 to 6lb test line. If you are getting the bamboo pole it will have a crappie rig attached for you.

#2:- Crappie Baits: You can go in two directions, you can either use live or artificial baits. If you are new to crappie fishing it may be better to start out with live bait. You will have better success catching fish. You don't want to get frustrated early and not give the sport a chance. If you you find you really like the sport after catching a few fish you can move on into learning how to use artificial baits. If you learn the art of fishing artificial crappie baits you crappie catches will be more consistent the more you refine your tactics.

Crappie fishing tips: If you are fishing stained low visibility water select a chartreuse color plastic tail attached to a 1/32oz to 1/8oz jig with a 8 to 12 inch trailer hook attached to the jig's hook. Use a number 6 to 8 hook. Put two spit shot about 18 inches above the hook. This allows the minnow to move freely, while be held stationary. Use a live crappie minnow by hooking them right behind the eyes in the back of the head. be careful not to go to deep or you will kill the minnow.

Tip#3:When you are fishing for crappie in rivers,lakes or streams that have moving water you will need to switch between live and artificial crappie baits depending on the crappies mood. Remember crappies are cold-blooded and the water controls their body temperature.Look for places in moving water where crappie might be hiding waiting for bait fish to swim by, you will have to put your bait right in front of their nose's but boy will they really hit!

When crappie are sluggish it is because the temperature is out of their comfort zone. Kind of like your neighbor that doesn't have air conditioning or is still using a wood burning stove when things get cold. They just don't feel like doing anything until its right in their face!

Crappie Fishing Tips #4: When crappie are in their beds and starting to lay their eggs, you can find them by what is commonly called the "crappie bubble". it is a bubble like wave going across the top of the shallow water ... a ripple.This means there is allot of crappie in the area.

Tip#5: The crappie has a keen sense of smell so scenting your crappie jigs does make a difference. you can buy canned crappie scent at any tackle shop or purchase on-line. It's a proven fact that you will catch more fish by scenting your crappie baits.

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