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Top 10 Crappie Tube Jigs

Top 10 Crappie Tube Jigs

Author: Daniel Eggertsen

As is the case with most fishing products, stating what is and what is not the "top" anything really opens up a can of worms that you can NOT fish with! The best bet for guiding you in a positive direction as far as using tube jigs for catching crappie, is to tell you why they work, what to look for in a crappie tube jig, and give you some examples of the types of crappie tube jigs many anglers find effective, productive and easy to use.

The following is a short list of several popular and effective crappie tube jigs you can take a look at if you are in the market for tube jigs to take with you the next time you are going out to catch some crappie.

Mizmo 1.5" Tracers
Mizmo 1.5" Specs : The most popular Crappie Tube on the Market!
Mizmo1.75" Earthtones
Mizmo 1.5" Dusters
Mizmo 2.5" Crappie teasers
Cabela's Rigged Minnow Tubes (1/8th ounce jig head that has the 1/0 hook.)
Midsouth tubes Crappie Wall Hanger II
Mizmo's 1/32oz crappie jighead
Southern Pro Lit'l Hustler tubes
Southern Pro Crappie tube

The crappie is probably America's favorite panfish, and the bottom line is that the crappie tube jig has really made a huge difference when it comes to catching them. In fact, the crappie tube jig has taken over the #1 spot as the most popular bait for catching crappie, edging out the minnow for that honor.

This popularity is due to several factors. Perhaps the most prevalent reason is that it is just plain, old easier to use than live bait of any kind. These tubes are not messy or slippery. They don't tend to get away from you, they don't die on you, and they really do last a long time.

You can buy them when it is convenient, and store them until you need them. Once you put a crappie tube jig on your line, you can easily catch upwards of twenty fish with it before you have to put on a new one. If you manage to get one hung up on you, it can be retrieved out of the offending brush without much fuss. They just tend to stay on your line when you put them there, which makes for much more easy, fuss free fishing, and that is something we all look forward to. Still, all in all, the biggest single reason for the popularity of the crappie tube jig is that they catch fish. Simple. To the point. Crappie tube jigs just catch more crappie.

Add to that, the fact that they are so versatile that they can easily be adapted to the variables one encounters when fishing for crappie. You can easily change your jig to match the weather conditions, color of the water, depth changes you might make to better catch crappie, or any other variable you might run across when you are fishing. This versatility makes the crappie tube jig popular with beginners and expert anglers alike.

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