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Lake Information for Piney Reservoir


Piney Reservoir serves as the domestic water supply for the town of Frostburg, Maryland. The reservoir was reconstructed in 1990 to increase water storage capacity. The impoundment is primarily a warmwater fishery although stocked rainbow trout provide a popular spring and fall fishery.

Piney Reservoir's surface area is 120 acres with a maximum depth of 35 feet.

Fishing Description: 

Piney Reservoir has a diverse warmwater fishery. Largemouth bass are the mostPhoto of Alan Klotz and NRP officer Jeff Sizemore with a tiger muskie. popular gamefish in the lake, with many quality-size fish in the population. The lake also supports a diverse panfish fishery including bluegills, pumpkinseeds, white crappies, rock bass, yellow perch, and brown bullheads. Most of these panfish are very abundant, and angler harvest is encouraged. One of our management tools we use to improve the predator/prey balance in Piney Reservoir is to stock tiger muskie fingerlings. These fish feed on the abundant panfish, which in turn improves panfish growth rates. This leads to a more desirable panfish population for the angler, and provides a unique tiger muskie fishery. Angler reports indicate that the tiger muskie fishery is becoming very popular, with many anglers targeting these big fish exclusively. Piney Reservoir is also a favorite spot for ice fishermen. Yellow perch are the most commonly caught fish through the ice; these fish can provide some non-stop action! About 6,000 adult rainbow trout are stocked each spring with and additional 1,000 rainbows are stocked in the fall to provide a two-season put and take trout fishery.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

The upper shallow end of the lake has heavy growth of aquatic vegetation during the summer months providing shelter for many of the lake's panfish. Near the lower portion, flooded standing timber provides some excellent largemouth bass habitat. Brush piles created by beavers along the shoreline offer excellent areas to fish for white crappies. The rocky dam breast area is where the occasional walleye can be captured.

Largemouth Bass
White Bass
Catfish Family
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Piney Reservoir
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