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Lake Information for South Watuppa Pond


South Watuppa Pond in Fall River and Westport is a large 1,283 acre warmwater pond with an average depth of 15 feet and a maximum depth of 22 feet. South Watuppa Pond is an enlarged great pond and is located east of Route 24 and just south of North Watuppa Pond, Route 6 and Route 195. The pond receives water from several small streams draining swampy areas, from North Watuppa Pond, from Sawdy Pond via Stony Brook and from Stafford Pond in Rhode Island via Sucker Brook and the Bleachery Ponds. The pond's outlet is the Quequechan River which feeds into the Taunton River and Mount Hope Bay. Transparency is low at three feet and aquatic vegetation is scant. Algae blooms in the summer often color the water green while the rest of the year the water is tea colored. The bottom is composed of rubble, rock and muck, and there are numerous rubble-strewn shoals. Roughly a third of the 10 miles of shoreline is wooded or riprapped and accessible to anglers on foot, the rest of the shoreline is composed of residential and commercial development.

Facilities and Parks: 

Public access to South Watuppa Pond is provided by a paved boat ramp and parking area provided by the Office of Fishing and Boating Access. The boat ramp can be reached from Route 24 just south of its intersection with Route 195 by taking the Brayton Avenue exit. At the second set of lights, take a left onto Jefferson Street and follow it back over the highway and keep bearing to the left. Parking space is available for approximately 50 vehicles.

Fishing Description: 

South Watuppa Pond was last surveyed in June of 2007. Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and chain pickerel comprise the game species; panfish species include white perch, yellow perch, pumpkinseed, brown bullhead, bluegill, and black crappie; golden shiner and white sucker are forage species. Tiger muskies are also present today.

South Watuppa Pond is a popular site for bass tournaments and contains large populations of both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. The large size, abundant structure and moderate fertility of this pond make it excellent smallmouth bass habitat. Most of the pond’s productivity is tied up in white perch but due to its high fertility there is an abundance of yellow perch, black crappie and bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish for the panfisherman. The recent stockings of tiger muskies have reached 12 to 15 pounds in weight and should offer some potential for the trophy angler.

Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
White Perch
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South Watuppa Pond
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