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Killer Catfish Bait Recipes - The Smellier The Better

Author: Daniel Eggertsen

Catfish is one of the oldest species of fish sought after today. The thing about the catfish that gets a lot of attention is the fact that catfish have a very keen sense of smell. What this means for the angler is that they will go after any type of bait that has a smell. In fact, the stronger the smell the more active it will make those catfish. This is why experienced anglers look for bait that grabs the attention of these fish and lures them in.

You can buy catfish bait but avid anglers agree that some of the best bait used for catfish fishing is actually the ones that you make yourself. There are a lot of killer catfish bait recipes available that can help to make each and every one of your fishing trips one that you will be talking about for a long time.

Three Killer Recipes

There are many different catfish recipes available that can be used with great success. There are so many different ones available that it can be a little difficult deciding which ones to start with. To help you get started here are three killer catfish bait recipes that are simple to make and very effective.

One killer catfish recipe calls for mixing one pound of limburger cheese with a little molasses and heating them together in a pot until they are melted. After it melts you need to start adding oatmeal to the mixture until it becomes thick enough to stick together. Place the mixture in a sealed container until needed. When you are ready to go fishing just wrap a small piece around your hook and start reeling in the catfish.

Chum Bait has always been one of the most popular types of catfish bait around and it is rather easy to make. First you need to choose the main ingredient to use. You can choose between shad, shrimp, mullet or anything similar to these. Put your selection into some type of blender and add bay or surf water to it and begin grinding them up together. Once it is all ground up together you need to put it in a freezer bag and keep it frozen until you are ready to use. When you are ready to go catfish fishing all you need to do is place the frozen mixture into the water and it will begin to melt and draw in the catfish.

Chicken liver bait is also an old favorite that is considered to be killer catfish bait. Start by placing a pound of grits into a bucket, add anise extract and chicken livers and mix well. Once the mixture reaches a consistency that holds together it is ready to use.

As you can see the main thing that all killer catfish recipes have in common is that they smell horrible and usually include something bloody or rotten. The worse the bait smells, the better it will draw in the catfish. Keep this in mind when mixing up your own bait to use.

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