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South Pacific Fishing - Most Exciting Fishing Experience

The exciting experiences that the South Pacific waters provide to anglers who frequent the many fishing zones has made this the perfect and most sought after fishing locations of many fishermen from around the world. The adventure and excitement these waters offer fishermen has o limitations. You never know what to expect when fishing the waters of the South Pacific. You are bound to find many anglers from places like New Zealand and neighboring countries during the warm summer months when Tuna and Bull fish throng the waters in search of warmer habitats.

During the cooler months of the year is when the fishermen have a whale of a time angling for fish of their choice. You do not need much equipment to have wonderful time fishing in the waters of the South Pacific. Just remember to bring your clothes, sun that and goggles along with your simple fishing gear and you are ready to go!

Fly Fishing Kayaks

Fly fishing is a unique activity to be practiced while in a kayak and is not favoured by many kayakers. Fly fishing from a kayak is not very easy and requires great control and experience. However, once paddlers can master this art, fly fishing from a kayak can be a very exciting and equally fun filled activity.

Fly Fishing Using a Kayak

Usually the amateur kayakers do not indulge in fly fishing from a kayak because they do not have the skill to balance the kayak while fishing. Kayaks are mainly used for fly fishing only on such lakes and ponds where no other watercraft can be used. Kayaks are very comfortable, fast, can save a lot of energy and allow exploring remote fishing areas.

The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in the US

Where are the most popular lakes for bass fishing in the U.S., what types of bass can you catch in these waters and how can you plan your own great bass fishing lake getaway? There are many wonderful lakes all over the US to fish for great bass in. To our knowledge, the lists below of bass fishing lakes are open and operable for fishing. However, it is important to keep in mind that changes can take place from time to time so you should always contact the lake first to be sure it is still open for bass fishing or open at the particular time you intend to go.

When searching for bass fishing lakes, you need to know where in the country you are looking and the time of year that it is since in some areas, bass may not be in the waters during the particular time you are planning to fish there. You have a few different options when it comes to gathering this type of information such as the ones listed below.

How to Find Bass Fishing Lakes

Finding Your Bass Boat

Finding Your Bass Boat

If you are interested in purchasing a bass fishing boat and have no idea what you want to buy, our bass boat information library will help you find some resources concerning what you need to make an informed decision when making that important bass boat purchase.

We will attempt to give you the information you should consider when you are shopping around for a bass boat. These will be in no certain order of importance but you should consider them all when making your purchase decision.

Where Will I Be Bass Fishing?

First you should ask yourself what size water you will be bass fishing in. If you are fishing small rivers, ponds and lakes, you could easily get by with a smaller boat with a smaller outboard motor. If, on the other hand, you will be fishing a lot of bass tournaments and will often be fishing larger bodies of water, you might consider purchasing a larger boat with bigger outboard motor.

Bass Fishing Tournament Etiquette

Bass fishing in tournaments doesn't seem like a sport in which "proper etiquette" really means much. I've fished many bass tournaments in Florida and found out through experience that it is very important.

Let's look at this bass tournament scenario. You get up early in the morning preparing for your fishing trip. You then drink a couple cups of coffee, light up a cigarette and take care the 3 s's before you hitch up your boat. Once on the road you have a nice conversation with your "draw" partner on where you're going to start and what you're gonna throw so you guys can catch loads of fish in your favorite honey hole.

By the end of the tournament, you weigh in your fish and manage to get 5th place! Lucky for you, the tournament had enough entries to pay all the way to 7th place. You are real happy until a few of the guys give you the "bird" and say some unpleasant things to you. Then you think, "What's their problem?"

Boat Flies Off Trailer, Crushes Truck

That's one fishing trip that didn't go well!

Looks like this crazy Texan was so excited to get to the lake he tried to launch his boat on the highway while going 70mph.

Everyone knows that fish live in the water, not on the highway!


A two-vehicle accident occurred on Hwy 153 towards Hords Creek.
The collision happened when an eastbound pickup truck pulling a bass
boat on a trailer attempted to pass a county maintainer that was
turning left into the county barn. The sheriff's department,
fire department and D.P.S. were all on the scene.

Hot Lakes