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Northern Pike Fishing Articles

Northern Pike Fly Fishing

When you are going northern fly fishing with your fly fishing rod, which pike fishing flies and pike tackle you use is not that important. Personally, I prefer to fish with a fiver-sixer rod but before you begin it is important to use a trace. I usually attach a common wire trace of a half-rod length with 0.4 mm. line. There is also a pure kevlar trace on 5 meter reels which is smooth and fine. You will find kevlar steel a bit stiffer because it has a thin wire inside, both of different thicknesses. 90% of the time the pike takes the fly gently and usually gets hooked in the lip. It is then up to you to "steer" the fish so it does not swallow the line further inside the mouth. The flies can vary from smaller streamers to large tube flies. A variant is to use a floating fly and fish with sinking line. It is preferable to use a boat, but keep in mind some lakes have boat restrictions so it is a good idea to first check local restrictions for the lake.

Best Time For Northern Pike Fishing

With most people looking for northern pike fishing as their next exciting venture in fishing, it is important to know when you can fish for these fish. You cannot just land up at anytime and start fishing for them because there is always a time and place for it.

Now, northern pike fishing is entirely dependant on the seasonal cycle. The reason I am saying this is because these fishes are migratory fishes and therefore they prefer to move from one place to another during particular seasons. Most migratory fishes love to move into the river for the time of their egg and return back to the sea once this is done. Similarly, these fishes too have such habits.

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