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Muskie Fishing Tips – Jigging Fall Muskies

Most anglers think big when hunting lunker muskie, but if you want to catch more muskie think smaller baits and tackle. I caught my biggest muskellunge while fishing walleye with a plastic worm in September. More often than can be considered coincidental people catch a lunge while fishing other species. Most anglers look to heavy tackle, large baits and trolling as the way to catch muskies. Personally I become bored or just tired of trolling all the time.

Now one of my most successful tactics used especially in the fall is used for fishing large walleye and at the same time muskellunge. I use medium size tackle and large walleye baits especially jigs. Fishing weed lines, drop offs and shoals as you would for walleyes will also attract as many lunge as walleyes. The first time I realised this I did have some success for large walleyes and had just caught and released a nice 7 pounder that was followed to the boat by a large muskie.

So You Want to Start Muskie Fishing?


Due to the size, power of the fish, the strain of the lures themselves, muskie fishing is unlike any other freshwater fishing -- it requires specialized tackle from the rod to the lure and everything in between. I am hoping this guide will give you an idea of what is required before heading to a vendor interested in separating you from your hard earned cash. I am hesitant naming specific brands until they start putting food on my table -- however, do keep in mind, you get what you pay for. There are no shortcuts and I guarantee you, skimping now will result in lost fish, broken gear and ultimately, spending more later. Do it right the first time!

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