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Best Bait For Catfish And Bottomfeeders

Best Bait For Catfish And Bottomfeeders

Author: Daniel Eggertsen

Catfish are a very popular species that almost every type of fishermen has fished for at some point in time. There are different species of catfish but the most well-known are the channel, blue, bullhead and flathead cats. All catfish are bottom feeders and they are extremely curious by nature. This is the reason that when they see something that gets their attention they will go check it out. This means that as long as you use bait that interests them, it won't be long before you start reeling in the catfish.

5 Carp Fishing Tips For Beginners

Tip 1. Choosing a suitable carp water

Choosing a water to carp fish on is heavily dependent on what you want to achieve from the sport. Whether you are looking for some peace and quiet in the countryside, a tough challenge or just to catch as many fish as possible there is a water for you.

Club waters - These are waters available to fish upon joining an angling club or society. These are usually one of the cheapest ways of getting carp fishing with angling clubs all over the UK from as little as £40 a year to fish. Clubs are very variable though and your enjoyment of the sport will often depend on the other members and types of fishing they prefer. e.g. If you join a popular club for match fishing you can often expect your fishing to be curtailed on a Sunday morning by a match fixture. The best approach is often to contact a club and ask if it is possible to walk round a venue to get a feel for the place and chat to a few anglers.

Fishing For Carp Using Method Feeder Tactics

It surprises me just how many carp anglers don't use the method more often when fishing for carp. Maybe it's the thought that the method is associated with catching only the smaller fish, rather than the bigger carp. In fact, method fishing tactics can produce some huge carp in the right situations, and when using good method fishing tactics to outwit the biggest fish in the lake. I often use the method for many of my fishing sessions. If I have 3 rods out, I will commonly have at least one on the method as I fish for carp.

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