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Walleye Fishing Jig - Casting, Vertical Jigging Tips and Methods

Casting Jigs For Walleye

No other artificial walleye lure will catch walleyes as consistently as a lead head jig designed specifically for the walleye. If you think about it, there is an excellent reason the walleye jig is so universal. Walleye spend the majority of there time on the bottom of what ever type of water they are located in.

Among the most versatile of artificial lures for walleye , a walleye jig can be fished many different ways.You can cast from and anchored or drifting boat, jig vertically for walleye while drifting with the wind or current, or troll slowly while bumping the jig along the bottom. And, you can fish a walleye jig plain when the walleyes are biting, or you can tip it with live bait when the fishing is slow.

Casting walleye fishing jigs

Walleye Fishing Jig - Casting & Retrieve Jigging Tips to Success!

When you start fishing with walleye fishing jigs, you need to develop a keen sense of touch and concentration. Walleyes are finicky biters and you may feel anything from a sharp tap, or you may just see your line start to go tight slowly. An active walleye will inhale a walleye jig as they swim, then they will exhale the water back through their gills. The sucking action by a walleye will produce a sharp tap sensation so immediately, set the hook. Many times when walleyes are not actively feeding they will just put their mouth over the jig. All you will see is your line start to move slightly! Set the hook!

Newbie walleye fisherman go home empty handed many times because they fail to set the hook correctly. Manny beginners make the mistake of waiting for a sharp tap or strike on their walleye fishing jig like if they were fishing for other game fish with a crankbait. Key Walleye tip: Walleyes will hit your jig when it is sinking not on the upward and forward movement.

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