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Walleye Fishing Jig - Casting, Vertical Jigging Tips and Methods

Casting Jigs For Walleye

No other artificial walleye lure will catch walleyes as consistently as a lead head jig designed specifically for the walleye. If you think about it, there is an excellent reason the walleye jig is so universal. Walleye spend the majority of there time on the bottom of what ever type of water they are located in.

Among the most versatile of artificial lures for walleye , a walleye jig can be fished many different ways.You can cast from and anchored or drifting boat, jig vertically for walleye while drifting with the wind or current, or troll slowly while bumping the jig along the bottom. And, you can fish a walleye jig plain when the walleyes are biting, or you can tip it with live bait when the fishing is slow.

Casting walleye fishing jigs

One of the most commonly used fishing techniques used while jigging for walleye is casting. Casting works great when the walleye move into the shallows and is typically the preferred method by most walleye anglers in this situation.If the walleyes are in the shallows it's important not to spook them. Make sure you anchor far enough away, but still being able to cast into the shallows.

If you plan on working a shallow reef , anchor in a deep water position , so the the wind will push you to the edge of the reef. If do not get any walleye bites, don't quit! move you your boat about 20yards to left or right and anchor again. Repeat this process until you get a walleye hit.

If the walleye are not schooled, and are located at different points about the reef, or breakline, drift your your boat near the reef or breakline but but not on it, then cast your walleye fishing jig towards the shallows working the jig back towards you.I would recommend you have your electric trolling motor ready to keep you running parallel with the reef or breakline.Use your trolling motor to keep you boat drifting parallel to the reef or breakline. If you catch a walleye toss out a marker and work the area until the fish stop biting then move on.

If the walleyes are suspended off the bottom , count your jig for walleye down to different depths after you cast then begin to reel your line in. When you get a strike make sure you remember your count. (I right it down). Then repeat the same count on the next cast.

Remember casting jigs for walleye work best when the fish or in the shallows.

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