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Sunfish Fishing Articles

Fly Fishing for Brim, Blue Gill and Sunfish

When the weather is warm in the early summer and you can't seem to catch big fish I love to go fly fishing for bedding Brim, Blue Gill and other species of sunfish. My rod of choice is a six and a half foot, two weight light fly rod.

Thought Brim and Blue Gill are relatively small fish, they are tough fighting fish for their size. Remember that it is not the size of the fish that matters; it is the size of the rod you are using that can make a one pound fish feel like big fish.

Brim and Blue Gill when bedding will attack just about anything with a little color that invades their bedding area. Small popping bugs with either some red or yellow will work well. Brim and Blue Gill will take these off the top of the water about as fast as you can put it over the beds.

Sunfish Fishing - Where And How To Catch The Biggest Ones

When fishing for sunfish, often times one will only catch small sunfish, and it gets a bit frustrating, especially if you want to keep some to cook. You many think to yourself, "Are there any larger sunfish in this place". Well, maybe there aren't. A lot of times, people fish for sunfish in smaller bodies of water that don't have a good predator base, and as a result fish over populate and stunt each others growth.So how do you find out if the place you're fishing has any larger sunfish? One of the best ways to prospect for bigger sunfish is to move away from live bait. More specifically, get away from worms and meal worms.

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