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Fly Fishing for Brim, Blue Gill and Sunfish

When the weather is warm in the early summer and you can't seem to catch big fish I love to go fly fishing for bedding Brim, Blue Gill and other species of sunfish. My rod of choice is a six and a half foot, two weight light fly rod.

Thought Brim and Blue Gill are relatively small fish, they are tough fighting fish for their size. Remember that it is not the size of the fish that matters; it is the size of the rod you are using that can make a one pound fish feel like big fish.

Brim and Blue Gill when bedding will attack just about anything with a little color that invades their bedding area. Small popping bugs with either some red or yellow will work well. Brim and Blue Gill will take these off the top of the water about as fast as you can put it over the beds.

My other favorite fly fishing flies are Woolly Worms and Woolly Buggers. Orange or yellow Woolly Worms will catch fish all day long. Most of you will think that my next suggestions are mainly trout flies but I always take some Montana Stone Nymph Flies with me. The colors of choice are either green or yellow. Strip all of these flies with short fairly quick strips.

Fishing for Brim and Blue Gill in early summer is actually about my favorite type of fly fishing. I can catch hard fighting fish on just about every cast. Once you try this you will not believe how much fun you will have.

Also, since these fish will tend to over populate a pond you can probably take a few home for dinner, but do not over do it. It is important to properly manage a pond by knowing when to take a few fish and when not to. For those of you that have never tasted Blur Gill you are missing a great tasting fish.

Have fun and don't over fish.



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