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Pickerel Fishing - Learn The Facts That Can Help You Catch The Trophies

There are many different types of fish which fishermen exclusively target in their fishing endeavors. Some fishermen have a few different favorites that they look for while on the body of water, whereas others have one distinct fish that they hope to catch each time they reel in their lines.

One such fish which is a bit unique but draws a large fan base is the chain pickerel. The chain pickerel is an Atlantic coast freshwater fish which is found in a variety of bodies of water such as streams, lakes, ponds and rivers. There are many interesting factors surrounding the chain pickerel and by learning more about this fish, fishermen may make it that much more likely that one of these beauties will be on the end of their line.

Tactics For Trophy Chain Pickerel

Chain Pickerel,(Esox Niger), are a formidable gamefish, that are actively pursued by some, and despised by others!

Chain Pickerel can be found throughout the Northeast, and down to Florida. In some areas, these are prized as trophies that deserve the same respect as a big largemouth bass, in other areas, such as in Florida, many anglers consider them nothing more than a nuisance.

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