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Sturgeon Fishing Articles

Canada Fishing Trips

Canada is a favorite spot to explore the wonders of fishing. Canada fishing trips assure a fly-fishing enthusiast tremendous fishing opportunities that are structured to take fun-filled, exciting adventure. And not only are there placid and beautiful lakes and rivers for fly-fishing, but also for any kind of fishing you care to enjoy. The options are endless.

Though Canada is rich in bodies of water, finding the one best suited for your individual taste is important before arranging a fishing trip. Weather is a major factor, and you will need a detailed map, first aid kit and all the necessary fishing equipments.

To have a clear idea about the best season for fishing is the next important consideration. Sturgeon fishing season is year round, whereas salmon, trout and Varden fishing are in season according to the area. Other species also have their peak seasons; inquire with the locals.

Columbia River Fishing Trips - Your Chance To Get Some Fine Trophies

Columbia river fishing trips offer the seasoned as well as the experienced angler the very best fishing experiences they can get any where in the fishing world. There is something to lading a fierce wrestling Steelhead or reeling in that sixty pound Sturgeon that measures close to five feet long. The sheer delight of landing the American Shad is just out of this world, and you can get all this and more on your Columbia river fishing expedition.

The rivers of Columbia are untouched by humans and twist and curve through twelve hundred miles from America's Pacific Northwest and wind their way through the country to flow into the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River been featured in many documentaries and Hollywood productions through the ages. Such is the attraction of this river that thousands of anglers visit the river every month to try their luck at luring and hooking the giant fish the river is home to.

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