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How to Catch Trout: Lake and Rainbow Trout

Author: Mara Mark

Let's see how the Rainbow and Lake trout behave during the four seasons of the year.

The Lake Trout

During Spring Time Lake trout remains in shallow waters and reefs waiting for the water temperatures to rise. If you go for fishing this time of the year, focus in depths less than 20 feet. Choose either dawn or dusk to start fishing because Lake trout usually becomes more active during these times.

During summer the sweet water is pretty warm and trout prefers more cool environment. That's why they move into deeper waters. Look for them in depths greater than 30 feet. It is not until September, when the summer is gone, that Lake trout returns to shallow waters.

During winter time the Lake trout is really active. You can start fishing for trout in depths between 10 and 40 feet. Start from the shallow waters and keep moving until you start catching fish.

The Rainbow Trout

It's spring time. Rainbow trout usually stays in shallow waters. I recommend using a night crawler. Inflate the night crawler and cast it out from the shore.

During summer rainbow trout becomes really active. Especially during June or July. They usually feed with mosquitos or other insects. Choose late evening hours for best results.

Here comes late September and October. Many claim that this is not a time to go fishing but you can still catch rainbow trout. Use a night crawler and cast or troll with small lures along shorelines.

At winter rainbow trout usually stays right beneath the ice. It's a good idea to use light lines if you're aiming for rainbow trout. Start just below the ice and move deeper until you catch some fish.

Rainbow trout is really easy to catch. That's why it is the best bet for inexperienced starters. Choose a hot month to go fishing. Pick June to increase your chances.

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