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The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in the US

Where are the most popular lakes for bass fishing in the U.S., what types of bass can you catch in these waters and how can you plan your own great bass fishing lake getaway? There are many wonderful lakes all over the US to fish for great bass in. To our knowledge, the lists below of bass fishing lakes are open and operable for fishing. However, it is important to keep in mind that changes can take place from time to time so you should always contact the lake first to be sure it is still open for bass fishing or open at the particular time you intend to go.

When searching for bass fishing lakes, you need to know where in the country you are looking and the time of year that it is since in some areas, bass may not be in the waters during the particular time you are planning to fish there. You have a few different options when it comes to gathering this type of information such as the ones listed below.

How to Find Bass Fishing Lakes

Bass Fishing Tips

3 Lures You Must Have

Do you know what the top 3 lures for catching Bass are? Though there aren’t any specific statistics, a survey was conducted amongst the pro bass fishermen and it was found that plastic worms won by a large margin. Second and third place were the spinnerbait and then the crank bait.

Did you know that the Evening Secret ( is THE most effective technique for swarming fish to your fishing spot? We use it all the time with EXCELLENT and CONSISTANT results.

Hot Lakes