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Live Bait - Best Walleye Baits to Tip Your Sauger Jig With Details Here!

here is no other artificial bait that works better to catch walleye then the walleye fishing jig. There are multiple ways to tip walleye jigs with live bait. We will talk about some of the best live baits to use in combination with walleye jigs in our article today. Walleye jigs are so universal because they can be fished so many different ways. You can cast your walleye jigs tipped with live bait or without from a anchored or drifting boat. You can jig vertically while drifting with the wind or current, or troll very slowly, bouncing your walleye jig tipped with live bait off the bottom.

What's a Sauger?

Some, perhaps many, anglers are not familiar with the Sauger. It is a walleye relative, and is also called a sand pike or pickerel. It has a slender body with a long cone-shaped head. The Sauger prefers water with little movement - a big slow moving lake or river suits it best. Even though it is related to the walleye, you can readily tell the difference. Walleyes have smooth cheeks. Sauger have rough scales on their cheeks.

Some like to catch Sauger in gill nets. Others like to treat the Sauger as a sport fish. They measure 10 to 15 inches and usually weigh about half a pound, although they can reach two pounds. Even though they are not large, they are tasty and make good eating. When commercially fished, they are mostly sold as fillets.

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