You are hereLive Bait - Best Walleye Baits to Tip Your Sauger Jig With Details Here!

Live Bait - Best Walleye Baits to Tip Your Sauger Jig With Details Here!

here is no other artificial bait that works better to catch walleye then the walleye fishing jig. There are multiple ways to tip walleye jigs with live bait. We will talk about some of the best live baits to use in combination with walleye jigs in our article today. Walleye jigs are so universal because they can be fished so many different ways. You can cast your walleye jigs tipped with live bait or without from a anchored or drifting boat. You can jig vertically while drifting with the wind or current, or troll very slowly, bouncing your walleye jig tipped with live bait off the bottom.

You can tip a jig with a live walleye minnow which works great in the early spring or fall months by pushing the hook through the lips starting at the bottom lip and push the hook up through the top lip so the barb of the hook is pointing towards you. If you want to keep your walleye minnows on the hook longer hook them through the eye socket. The most secure way to hook your walleye minnows is is to push the hook of a plain jig with no plastics, through the mouth and up through back with the barb pointing towards you when you are finished. Unfortunately this normally kills the minnow but if you are jigging for walleye you will be replacing your live bait on a regular basis anyway.

Another excellent way to use a walleye jig is by hooking a ribbon leach as your live bait presentation. Make sure you use a plain walleye jig with no plastic when you hook the ribbon leach. The best way to hook a ribbon leech is to push the barb of your walleye hook through the sucker end of the leech so the barb id pointing upward when finished.

The old reliable nightcrawler is probably the most popular, and widely used live bait used on a plain walleye jig. There a multiple ways to hook a nightcrawler and they all work well. You can hook them through the head of the night crawler about one half of an inch down. Make sure the tip of the barb is pointing upward when you are done. You can hook night crawlers on a walleye jig right through the middle. Make sure you use at least two crawlers when you use this method.

Another live bait that is used in combination with a walleye jig is a waterdog, which is a salamander larva. You want to hook waterdogs through the lips with the hook on the walleye jig, then you want to add a stringer hook set with a treble hook to your jig and push one of the hooks all the way through the tail of the water dog leaving the other two hooks exposed

Well folks that concludes our article about walleye live bait. We sincerely hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip.

Good Luck!

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