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Lake Information for Franklin D Roosevelt Lake


Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake (also called Lake Roosevelt) is the reservoir created in 1941 by the impoundment of the Columbia River by the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state. It is named for Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was President during the construction of the dam. Covering 125 square miles (80,000 acres), it stretches about 150 miles from the Canadian border to Grand Coulee Dam, with over 600 miles of shoreline; it is the largest lake and reservoir in Washington[1] [2], and home of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

Facilities and Parks: 

Recreational Activities:

* Boating
* Camping
* Fishing
* Hiking
* Historic & Cultural Site
* Hunting
* Interpretive Programs
* Picnicking
* Recreational Vehicles
* Water Sports

Fishing Description: 

Fishing season is open year-round, except for sturgeon, which are closed to fishing all year. Walleye, rainbow trout, and kokanee are the star attractions.
Smallmouth bass are plentiful. The bass daily limit is 10 fish, no minimum size, only one over 14 inches, and the walleye daily limit is eight fish with no minimum size and no more than one over 22 inches. With periodic drawdowns in the reservoir, trout reproduction is virtuallyimpossible, but cooperative net-pen rearing projects at numerous locations provide the trout fishery. The cooperative net-pen project plants approximately 750,000 catchable sized rainbow trout annually into Lake Roosevelt. Check the latest regulations pamphlet for special trout and kokanee rules and redefined San Poil and Hawk’s Creek boundaries. Other catchable fish are burbot, lake whitefish, and yellow perch.

Fishing for Walleye on Lake Roosevelt

One of the most popular sport fish in the northern and central United states has developed a similar reputation in Washington, and specifically at Lake Roosevelt national Recreation Area, in the last couple of decades. Known for its exquisite flavor and large size, this newcomer called “walleye” is providing additional excitement and opportunity in a state already rich with fishing resources.

Available species include walleye, rainbow trout, kokanee, yellow perch, lake whitefish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, black crappie, and white sturgeon.

The Washington Department of Health (DOH) has issued this fish consumption advisory for Lake Roosevelt due to mercury contamination: pregnant women, women of childbearing age, and children under six years of age should eat no more than two meals of walleye (8- ounce portion) a month. For more information, check the DOH website at or with the DOH office of Environmental Health Assessment toll-free at (877) 485-7316.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

After spawning, walleyes will return to the main lake or river, staying in the shallows throughout the spring and early summer until the waters warm, then moving to deep, cooler water during the day, returning to feed at dusk. During winter, it is generally thought that walleyes hold up in deep waters until the spawning urge strikes again, but little is actually known about the winter habits of this fish.

Directions to Lake: 

About 20 miles north of Cedonia, Washington on State Highway 25. Other access from State Route 21 and other minor roads.

Brown Trout
Channel Catfish
Lake Trout
Catfish Family
Perch Family
Optional Information
Surface area: 
Franklin D Roosevelt Lake
Lake type: 

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