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Lake Information for Tuckahoe Lake


Tuckahoe Lake is 19 acres in size. Maximum depth is 7 feet near the dam with the remainder of the lake being a rather consistent 5 to 6 feet. The banks of the lake drop off quickly to the bottom and then the depth remains constant.

The upper portion of Tuckahoe Lake is a vast channelized flooded woodland. Stumps, root balls, and undercut banks are the common habitats utilized by bass, bluegill and chain pickerel. The remainder of the lake has limited rooted aquatic vegetation near the shoreline.

Fishing Description: 

Tuckahoe Lake supports a standard bass/bluegill fishery and is managed accordingly. Good fishing for both these fish species exists within the lake. Fishing the stumps and roots can yield chain pickerel, an aggressive predator from the pike family. Anglers may also occasionally catch other species including: white and black crappie, pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow perch, brown bullhead and carp. While not typically targeted by anglers, golden shiners and chub suckers are also present in the lake and provide an important forage source for the predatory fishes.

Directions to Lake: 

From Annapolis - Take US Rt. 50 east, take left onto Rt.404 east, take a left onto Rt. 480 (Ridgely Rd) then take first left on Eveland Rd. Take left onto Crouse Mill Rd., after driving over both bridges the parking lot and boat ramp will be on your right.

Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Catfish Family
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Tuckahoe Lake
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