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Finding Your Bass Boat

Finding Your Bass Boat

If you are interested in purchasing a bass fishing boat and have no idea what you want to buy, our bass boat information library will help you find some resources concerning what you need to make an informed decision when making that important bass boat purchase.

We will attempt to give you the information you should consider when you are shopping around for a bass boat. These will be in no certain order of importance but you should consider them all when making your purchase decision.

Where Will I Be Bass Fishing?

First you should ask yourself what size water you will be bass fishing in. If you are fishing small rivers, ponds and lakes, you could easily get by with a smaller boat with a smaller outboard motor. If, on the other hand, you will be fishing a lot of bass tournaments and will often be fishing larger bodies of water, you might consider purchasing a larger boat with bigger outboard motor.

Aluminum or Fiberglass Boat?

The next consideration is what type of bass boat will fit where you are fishing. An aluminum boat is of course much lighter weight and a smaller outboard motor will work nicely if you are fishing smaller bodies of water. An aluminum boat will ride rougher, handle rougher and make more noise in choppy water. For example a 16 foot aluminum bass boat with a 40 hp outboard motor will be a great choice for smaller bodies of water.

A fiberglass bass boat will handle larger, rougher water and give you a much smoother ride but you should consider that you will need a bigger outboard motor to get the performance you need. Be advised that a fiberglass bass boat will be much more expensive because you will have a selection of fancy paint jobs and more options available to you.

Will I Need a Dual Purpose Boat?

The next consideration is whether the boat will be used strictly for fishing or will it be a dual purpose boat for skiing and pleasure riding. If that is a possibility, you may consider a "Fish and Ski" bass boat. Usually this is a fiberglass bass boat that not only has pedestal seats for fishing, but also is designed with rider seats for passengers. This type of bass boat is popular with the bass angler that has a family that enjoys pleasure boating and skiing along with fishing outings.

New or Used Boat?

The next big question is whether to buy a new or used bass boat. Maybe you know someone reliable who is upgrading their boat and has taken great care of the older boat they want to sell which would give you a great opportunity to purchase for a relatively low cost.

If you decide to buy a used boat from a marina, they will often have qualified mechanics that are trained to work on your boat if and when problems arise. It's a good idea to find a dependable source for repairs and maintenance so ask around for recommendations.

Some older boats are exceptional bargains and will give you many years of great service. Just look around online or locally and you should be able to find a great bass boat bargain, and when you are ready to upgrade you can do the same for someone else.

A good idea is to join a local bass club and if possible take some time before purchasing and take advantage of the opportunity to fish with a number of different anglers in their bass boat. You will not only make new friends, develop connections and learn new techniques you will have the opportunity to fish from an assortment of boats and talk to the owners and ask them questions about the boats.

Remember that purchasing a new fiberglass bass boat can be a major investment with an investment of well over $30,000. If you are going to spend this amount of money, check out your information and resources carefully and make an informed decision to get what you want.

Maintaining Your Boat

Once you decide on your particular dream boat purchase, the next thing is to properly maintain it and show it some loving care. Doing so will allow the boat to last you for many years and give you a lot of enjoyable hours on the water. Wipe the water and dirt from your boat each time you put it on the trailer. Then when you get it home, wash it down and every 3 or 4 weeks put a fresh coat of quality wax on it and wipe protectant on the seats.

Another great suggestion after your purchase would be to enroll in a Boating Safety Course and learn the rules of boating and all aspects of water safety. Personal flotation devices are a must and you shouldn't look for bargains when you purchase them. You cannot put a price on a human life. Happy boating!

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