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Lake Information for Moses Lake


Moses Lake is a lake and reservoir along the course of Crab Creek, in Washington state, USA.

Moses Lake is part of the Columbia River basin, as Crab Creek is a tributary of the Columbia River.

Although originally a shallow natural lake, Moses Lake was dammed in the early 1900s for irrigation purposes. It then became part of the Columbia Basin Project, built and managed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation. Moses Lake receives water from Crab Creek, as well as from irrigated agricultural runoff. Its water used to flow out into Crab Creek, but now flows into Potholes Reservoir, a storage reservoir created by the impounding Crab Creek at O'Sullivan Dam.

Moses Lake is fairly complex in shape, with several arms, called "horns". These horns include Lewis Horn, Parker Horn, and Pelican Horn. There are several islands in Moses Lake, including Crest Island, Marsh Island, Gaileys Island, and Goat Island.

Moses Lake was named after Chief Moses in the late 1800s. The city of Moses Lake was, in turn, named after the lake

Facilities and Parks: 

There are several public boat launches; two with public facilities. Disabled accessibility is available at the North access point.

For more information contact Moses Lake Parks at (509) 766-9240.

Fishing Description: 

Located in its namesake town, this body of water has a year-round open season. The results from over three years of intensive biological surveys indicated an overabundance of walleye plus plentiful smallmouth bass. The walleye rule has changed to daily limit of 8 (eight) fish, minimum size 12 inches, no more than one over 22 inches; the smallmouth bass rule changed to daily limit 10 fish, no minimum size, no more than over 14 inches; largemouth bass rule changed to standard statewide (slot) limit; crappie rule changed to daily limit 10 fish, minimum size nine (9) inches; and the yellow perch rule changes to daily limit 25, no minimum size. (Note: revised Moses Lake daily and possession limits also apply to the area from Grant County Road 7 downstream to the fountain buoy and shoreline markers, or 150 feet downstream from the Alder Street Fill.).

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

This is among the best walleye fisheries in the state, especially in April and May, and again in the fall. The Crab Creek Inlet from just below Alder Street upstream to Grant County Road 7 and outlets downstream of Moses Lake to their confluence with Potholes Reservoir, have gear restrictions (one single-hook with ¾” gape) from March 1 through May 31 to prevent snagging of spawning walleyes. Largemouth bass fishing is good, and crappie fishing is improving. Yellow perch have been inconsistent. Bluegill fishing will still be poor and this species will retain the current 8-inch minimum size, 5-fish daily limit. A volunteer cooperative net-pen project provides angling for rainbow trout but trout angling has been sporadic as of late, probably due to predation by fish and birds. An annual “Fishing Kids” derby, to be held at Cascade Park on June 10 this year introduces youth ages 5 to 14 to sport fishing.

Directions to Lake: 

7.2 miles S of Ephrata on Hwy 282, R on Neppel Rd for 1/4 mi & R 1000' down hill.

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Moses Lake
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Boat Rental

    Moses Lake Upholstery & Detail
  • 616 E 5th Ave - Moses Lake, WA
  • (509) 765-5123

Vacation Rental

    Interstate Inn
  • 2801 W Broadway Ave - Moses Lake, WA
  • (509) 765-1777

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