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Lake Information for Haven Lake


Haven Lake is a 82.5 acre lake in Milford.

Fishing Description: 

Although the abundance of largemouth bass has declined here in recent years, the proportion of larger fish has increased. Nearly one-fourth of the fishable size bass (8 inches or above) were larger than 15 inches. Growth was above average with legal length being reached by age 3. Average weights were a little low but were likely impacted by the heavy coverage of hydrilla making it more difficult to catch forage fish.

A wide size range of bluegill − from 4 to 9 inches − was found and average weights were good. Black crappie were also present and some larger individuals (over 10 inches) were available. A wide variety of panfish occurs at Haven Lake with bluegill, black crappie, yellow perch, white perch, pumpkinseed sunfish, and a few redear sunfish (first collected here in 2006). American eel, common carp, and creek chubsucker were common throughout the pond with lesser numbers of golden shiner, brown bullhead, yellow bullhead, gizzard shad, and chain pickerel.

Largemouth Bass
White Perch
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Haven Lake
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