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Lake Information for Balsam Lake


Balsam Lake covers over 65 mi (105 km) of shoreline and covering a surface area of 2,054 acre (831 ha) and is the biggest lake in Polk County. It is fed by natural springs and seepage from wetlands on the southwesten, northeastern and eastern shores. Maximum depth is 37 ft (11 m).

Over fifty businesses line the shore of the lake, including resorts, motels, bait and tackle shops, grocery stores, restaurants, insurance offices, chiropractic, hardware, gas stations, taverns and more

The original plat records the Ojibwe Indian name of this place as Innenehinduc. Translated as "Place of the Evergreen", the town and village of Balsam Lake were named after this large lake.

Balsam Branch, the main outlet of Balsam Lake is a Class II trout stream.

Facilities and Parks: 

Public access to the lake by boat ramps are on the northwest, southwest and East Balsam.

Fishing Description: 

Balsam Lake is very well know for its great fishing for panfish (bluegill, sunfish, crappie, yellow perch, and bullhead) and sport fish such as largemouth bass, walleye, and northern pike.

Largemouth Bass
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Maximum depth: 
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Balsam Lake

Businesses Located Nearby

Bait & Tackle

    Gen's Bait & Sports Shop
  • 859 State Road 46 - Amery, WI
  • (715) 268-6231
    Dig'm & Jig'm Bait & Tackle
  • 2307 75th Ave - Osceola, WI
  • (715) 294-3935
    Northbound Sports & Liquor
  • 422 Main St W - Milltown, WI
  • (715) 825-3326

Boat Rental

    Breezy Bay Motors Sports
  • 1950 100th St - Balsam Lake, WI
  • (715) 857-2267
    Northwoods Upholstery
  • 210 3rd Ave Ne - Milltown, WI
  • (715) 825-4591

Vacation Rental

    Dn Campground
  • 956 165th Ave - Balsam Lake, WI
  • (715) 268-8980
    Blacksmith Shop Motel
  • 1879 W Bone Lake Dr - Balsam Lake, WI
  • (715) 857-6481

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