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Lake Information for Green River Lake


Green River Lake is an 8,200-acre (33 km2) artificial lake in Adair, Casey, and Taylor counties in Kentucky. The lake was formed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1969 by impounding the Green River. The lake is the major attraction of Green River Lake State Park.

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For Channel Catfish, all sizes are available. Fishing best at night or when water levels are on the rise and muddy.

For muskie, legal-sized fish are abundant with good numbers of 40-inch plus fish. Fall, late winter and spring are excellent times to catch trophy fish with the population maintained by annual stocking.

For walleye, overall numbers are up as good 2006 year class/stocking has boosted the fishery. Good part of population should reach harvestable size (15 inches) by summer. Also, better than average numbers of larger fish (18-inch plus) available. Try on and around dam area and up in headwater areas of Robinson Creek and Green River arms in late February through mid to late March. Concentrate on standing timber coves, main lake stump beds, humps, and drop offs during summer and fall. Population maintained primarily by annual stocking.

For white bass, the population is dominated by larger fish (13-inch plus) with good numbers of 10-12 inch fish. Fish the upper reaches of lake arms in late March and early April; look for early and late surface activity in summer and fall. For largemouth bass, there are good numbers of 14-inch plus fish from strong 2004 year class with better than average numbers of larger fish (17-inch plus) available. For smallmouth bass, all sizes are present with opportunity for trophy-sized fish; they are most abundant in mid-lower sections of Robinson Creek and Green River arms.

There is a large population of sunfish with occasional 7-8 inch fish; fish the stump beds and back ends of coves during spring and deep water brush and structure during summer.

There is a fair number of crappie of harvestable-size (9-inch plus) to start the year with good numbers reaching harvestable-size by fall.

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Green River Lake
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