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Lake Information for Busse Lake


Busse Lake is a 590 acre complex of lakes within the Salt Creek Watershed just east of Woodfield Shopping Mall in Schaumburg. The lake is divided into three sections: Main Pool (419 acres), South Pool (146 acres), and North Pool (25 acres). The Main Pool and South Pool are deeper lakes that support excellent sportfish populations. The North Pool is an isolated lake that provides limited sportfishing opportunities because it’s shallow and less developed. Fishing piers, handicap access, boat rentals and concrete boat launches are available in the two larger impoundments, and a paved bike path and numerous parking lots around the lake really make this lake accessible. Boats with electric motors are allowed however gas motors must be removed. The bathymetry of the larger lakes varies greatly with depths to 14 feet. As a result there are a large number of submerged points, channels, and flats to explore searching for fish.

Fishing Description: 

Largemouth bass maintain themselves through natural reproduction. Even though a large proportion of shoreline is accessible to shorefishermen a larger amount is not and those areas offer nesting fish protection to spawn successfully. During the last survey in 2004, 92 bass ranging in size from 2.5" to 20" were collected. Population indices data suggest the fishery is in balance and capable of maintaining itself. The PSD for the sample was 63. A 14 inch minimum length limit is in place so mature fish have a couple of years past maturity (12") to spawn. The creel limit is six fish per day.

Walleye are stocked annually (approx. 20,000 two inch fingerlings) in Busse Lake (both the North and South Pools). They provide additional predatory pressure on forage species like gizzard shad, bluegill and crappie and are a highly sought after sportfish. Fish from 8" to 22" were collected during the last survey suggesting survival of past stockings has been successful and that legal size fish swim in Busse’s waters.

The northern pike are present in all three Pools however they are more abundant in the larger lakes. In 2007, 477 northern fingerlings were stocked in the South Pool to maintain their presence and predatory pressure on forage species. Legal size fish are caught in the lake and fish to 30" have been collected during surveys.

Muskie were stocked in the Main Pool (for the first time) in fall 2007. Eight hundred fish were stocked and approximately 200 of those were implanted with PIT (Passive Integrated Transponders) tags so their growth can be tracked over time. Fish should approach 18" to 22" by the fall of 2008 but will take 3 or 4 years to reach maturity. When fish become mature they are more susceptible to our sampling gear and the IDNR will be able to evaluate their abundance.

Channel catfish up to 24" were collected in survey nets. They are stocked annually to help control
forage species and provide sportfishing opportunities. There is a six fish creel limit for channel catfish but no size limit. Annual stockings of non-vulnerable (8" to 10") channel catfish help maintain their presence since most smaller lakes don=t have consistent (if any) natural reproduction of channel catfish.

Busse Lake was part of a bluegill study lake and has a restrictive harvest limit of 8" and a creel of 10 fish. Fish approaching 8" were collected but only a few fish over 8" were collected during the last survey. This could be because fish over 8" are routinely harvested by fishermen. There are good numbers of fish just below the 8" size range so bluegill fishing can be fun but “keeping” may be slow!

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Sunfish are best found in September and October. Largemouth bass are best in May and June. Walleye and sauger are best June and July and found by the bridge and dam.

Channel Catfish
Largemouth Bass
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Busse Lake
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