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Lake Information for Lake Shafer


Lake Shafer is one of two man-made lakes located in the Twin Lakes area of Monticello, Indiana. It was created along with Lake Freeman in the 1920's when two dams were built outside of Monticello on the Tippecanoe River. It remains a popular recreational area and helps generate an estimated $70 million in tourism revenue for White County.

Creation of Lake Shafer began in 1922 with the construction of the Norway Dam at river mile 30.2 above the confluence of the Wabash River. Construction of the dam finished in June, 1923, and it remains standing approximately one mile north of Monticello.

Lake Shafer remains the more commercial of the Twin Lakes, largely in part to the presence of the Indiana Beach Amusement Park and Camp Resort. There are also a vast number of rental cottages and homes as well as boat rental marinas. Many of Lake Shafer's residents are part-timers, spending the majority of their time at the lake on weekends, traditionally April through October. The lake is often busy with boat traffic on summer weekends due to the increase in tourists.

Fishing Description: 

Lake Shafer has a large variety of fish to catch, including: bass, catfish, bluegill, and many others.

Largemouth Bass
White Bass
Bass Family
Catfish Family
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Surface area: 
Lake Shafer
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Businesses Located Nearby

Bait & Tackle

    Norway Bait & Tackle
  • 1860 N Francis St - Monticello, IN
  • (574) 583-4384
    Breezy Hill Bait Shop
  • 3846 E Bailey Rd - Monticello, IN
  • (219) 253-8323
    Twin Lakes Fish & Game
  • 1880 N Francis St - Monticello, IN
  • (574) 583-6635

Boat Rental

    Hall's Boat Lifts
  • 104 E Harrison St - Monticello, IN
  • (574) 583-5957
    Twin Lakes Canvas
  • 1103 N 6th St - Monticello, IN
  • (574) 583-2000

Vacation Rental

    Blue Sky Days
  • 3834 E Forest Lodge Loop - Monticello, IN
  • (219) 869-8695
    Arbor Lights
  • 5192 E Indiana Beach Rd - Monticello, IN
  • (574) 583-3437

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