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Lake Information for Centennial Lake


Centennial Lake is a small suburban impoundment. It is typically clear but can become murky following storm events. Algae blooms are common as a result of increased nutrient loads from storm related run-off and during the fall as aquatic vegetation die back. Centennial Lake contains submerged aquatic vegetation during the warm months of the year that can become a nuisance to shoreline anglers. Centennial Lake has expanding beds of lily pads in many locations around the perimeter of the Lake. The Lake is relatively shallow with a mean depth of 10.2 feet and contains several small shallow coves. Tree downfalls in the Lake from the surrounding forested buffer provide additional habitat. The Lake is completely surrounded by a paved path that provides the angler with access to nearly the entire perimeter.

Centennial Park is open at 7:00 a.m. to dusk or as posted. The boat ramp is open March through November. All boats are required to have a boating permit. Daily permits may be obtained at the boathouse and cost $5. Seasonal permits are available at the boathouse. Only class A boats are allowed, 16 feet or less in length, with electric motors. Rowboats and canoes are also permitted and can be rented from the boathouse. The west end of the Lake is marked by buoys and is designated a wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is off limits to fishing.

Fishing Description: 

Centennial Lake contains an overabundance of largemouth bass, however; many nice bass (> 12 inches) are available to anglers. Largemouth bass up to 6 1/2 pounds have been collected during population surveys. Rainbow trout have been stocked into Centennial Lake since 1992 as part of the State's put-and-take trout program. The trout fishery is very popular and provides anglers suffering from "cabin fever" the opportunity to get out and catch hatchery raised nine to twenty inch trout for the creel during the spring. Rainbow trout are also stocked in the fall. Tiger muskie fingerlings, a sterile, hybrid cross of northern pike and muskellunge, have been stocked into Centennial Lake each year since 1995 with the exception of 1997 and 2002. Large tiger muskies (> 36 inches) are now swimming in Centennial Lake and provide an explosive fight for anglers who hook into one. Channel catfish have been stocked into Centennial Lake as recently as October of 2001 when 450 two to four pound adults were stocked. Many anglers target channel catfish in Centennial Lake and catch large ones. Most success with catching the channel catfish occurs during the early morning and late evening hours before the park closes. Centennial Lake provides an outstanding sunfish fishery. Quality size bluegill, pumpkinseed and redear sunfish are available to the angler and can be found throughout the lily pads, especially during the fall. Black Crappie round out the list of fish species available to anglers with nice size (9-12 inch) crappies available.

Directions to Lake: 

From I-70, take Route 29 south. From Route 29, take Route 108 west. Main entrance to Centennial Park is one mile on right.

Channel Catfish
Largemouth Bass
Rainbow Trout
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Centennial Lake
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