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Crappie Fishing Videos

Fishing for Crappie

MOBILE, Ala. - The upper part of the Mobile Tensaw Delta has a number of fresh water areas to explore. This week on Fox Ten Outdoors, Jason Smith takes us fishing for Crappie in this unique area.

How to Hook a Minnow for Crappie Fishing

Very basic video describing how to hook a minnow for crappie fishing.

How to make a crappie stake bed

The video was designed to address the question "How do I create a stake bed (artificial habitat) for crappie?"

Simple Crappie Jig

Instructional video demonstrating tying a simple crappie jig using buck tail.

Fly Rod Fishing for Crappie

Rob Hovde catches some monster crappies on Rainy Lake on a lightweight fly rod. Shot by guide Tom Zenanko.

How to filet a Hartwell Crappie

Basic video on how to filet a Crappie.

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