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Lake Information for Cass Lake


Cass Lake is a glacially-formed lake, approximately 25 sq mi in north central Minnesota in the United States. It is approximately 10 miles long and 7 miles wide, located in Cass and Beltrami counties, within the Chippewa National Forest and the Leech Lake Indian Reservation, approximately 13 miles east of Bemidji. In the Ojibwe language, it is called Gaa-miskwaawaakokaag (where there are many red cedar).

The lake is both fed (from the west) and drained (to the east) by the Mississippi River. In 1820 an expedition led by General Lewis Cass, after whom Cass Lake is named, erroneously identified the lake as the source of the Mississippi. In 1832 Henry Schoolcraft, who had been on the 1820 expedition, identified the actual source of the river as being in nearby Lake Itasca.

The town of Cass Lake sits near the southwestern side of the lake. A 2.5 mile long and 1 mile wide narrow channel connects the lake on its south end to Pike Bay, nearly forming a separate lake.

Fishing Description: 

Cass Lake is known for walleye, muskie and perch.

The walleye population of Cass Lake is healthy and is comprised of good numbers of fish distributed among numerous year classes.

Mean catch rates for yellow perch were below long-term medians for both number and weight per gill net lift. Approximately 24% of the sample consisted of perch 8 inches or larger, and 3% were 10 inches or larger.

The 2007 northern pike catch rate of 2.9 fish per net was about the same as the long-term median of 2.8 fish/net, and the catch rate in terms of weight (10.2 lbs/net) was slightly above the long-term median (9.5 lbs/net). Approximately 67% of the sample was comprised of northern pike less than 26.0 inches, while 26% were 28.0 inches or larger.

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Cass Lake
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