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Catfishing Rigging Tips

How to rig for Catfish using Eagle Claw products .

A couple of catfish bait tips

Just a couple of things I do for cattin.

Cat Fishing Trolling

It's windy,so put a sock in it. A drift sock that is It will slow down the boat in high wind and give the cat fish a better chance to catch your bait. This also helps us to troll with our planer bobbers in windy areas. Hows it work? Easy just toss in the drift sock and use your trolling motor to help guide the boat along the drop offs to the main channel river bed and back over the lip of the flats -We find the catfish on top of the river channel feeding on shad.

Our planer bobbers keep the bait out to the sides of the boat and dont tangle this helps catch bigger fish that are boat shy and stay well away from the boat. It also helps us fish more rods and more baits live and fresh cut bait to-some times we pull worm harness and add a walleye or bass to the mix. But mostly we catch catfish.

Catfish Tips And Catfish Secrets

Interview with top catfish tournament fishermen during the Cabelas Classic. Catfish Baits, drift fishing, and much more.

Cold Water Catfish

Locating and catching Cold WATER Catfish.

Catfish Fishing Bait Tip

Wade Bourne of Wade Bourne Outdoors talks about one of the best (and stinkiest) ways to catch catfish.

Salmon Fishing Northern California

The fine taste of the King Salmon, fresh from today's catch is like no other fish. All the fishermen onboard know and the action gets a little frantic when it is time to land the beautiful fish.

The waters off the coast of Northern California have been rich in the Salmon that gourmets love and that supplies valuable nutrition for the body.

As a fished is hooked shouts of "fish on" are heard and the chaos of landing it often involve the skipper, mate and other fishermen. With more than one fish online at a time the action is fast and furious.

When the limit of 2 fish per person the boat heads back to the harbor early "limited out" and full of happy people. The coast is beautiful and the sea mercifully and unusually calm.

Fishing King Salmon

Knowing the ropes and techniques for catching Alaskan Kings helps...but is no guarantee you'll catch one this size!

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