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Huge Rainbow Trout!

Spring Valley Anglers is the home of huge trout in crystal clear water. This spring creek is filled full of monster Rainbows, and browns that will give you nighmares!

Trout fishing bait at Lake Del Valle rigging tips secrets

It was an epic day of fun and sun. Had the pleasure of fishing with the Wildwood (Craig Wood) today at Lake Del Valle in Livermore, CA. The fishing was great and the catching awesome with limits brought home for the dinner table. I might add the trout were very tasty as my wife cook up a nice meal and shared some with friends.

We were using Berkley sparkle chartreuse Power Bait with Shelton self releasing hook and TadPole™. We fished in several areas including the narrows, and the two large bays. We had most action by pulling boat up on points and fishing from the back of the boat. We arrive at dawn and were off the water by noon.

Creek Fishing - Huge Channel Catfish

Trophy Channel Catfish 25 + Easy. Catch and release.

Catfish Bait for Beginners

Catfish bait for beginners - Talking about various channel cat baits and showing how we tie up our chicken liver sacks to keep them on the hooK.

Catfish Fishing Boat Rod Rack System

Catfish fishing rod rack system for catfishing. Used for catching monster big blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish while anchored.

How to Fish for Big Channel Catfish

Today chad will show you a new very successful way to fish for almost any catfish.

How to Make Soft Fish Bait

Soft fish baits are often used to help catch catfish or carp, and the finished product is referred to as dough bait. Make a homemade soft fish bait with corn meal, flour, peanut butter and more with help from a fishing guide in this free video on fishing for beginners.

Expert: Mark Senosk
Bio: Mark Senosk is a professionally trained fishing guide, studying under the Hubbards Guide Academy.
Filmmaker: David Pakman

Winter Catfish Tips

Fishing tips for catfish in the winter time. Learn how to fish for Blue Catfish during the winter time periods. Use smaller catfish baits and fish deeper for catfish.

Catch Video: Catfish

Some of my most memorable trips are fishing with kids -seeing them experience there first hard fighting catfish

Got out with Mike & 8 yr old Emily for some catfishing. Iwas hoping to get Emmy a fish or 2 but ended up landing 17 and losing another 6- great day.

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