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Filleting 2 king salmon

During the sumer we bring home some king salmon, these were somewhere in the 30 to 40 pound range.

My wife offered to take a small video though had a bit of a time getting to work the camera. I on the other hand just needed to get the fish filled...

Mooching for Salmon

Mooching for Salmon with Rob Endsley of Prince of Wales Sportfishing in Craig, Alaska

Fishing Bait & Equipment : Best Lures for Salmon Fishing

The best lures for salmon fishing are spoons and swimming plugs. Discover why spoons are so useful in salmon fishing with help from a commercial fisherman in this free video on fishing equipment.

Expert: Brian Lee
Bio: Brian Lee has been fishing for over a decade, including time as a commercial fisherman.
Filmmaker: David Pakman

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