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What is the best pike fishing technique?

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I'm going Pike fishing in the dead stream between Houghton lake, MI and 127. It has murkey waters, with channels about 6-8 ft deep x 20 ft across, running through a flood plain thats almost always has about 2 ft of water in it.

What is the best lure or live bait to use? What part of the channel should I fish in? Any tips or tricks? Ive only reeled one pike out of here before, and I took it with a pike minnow. I mostly just wind up with bass or dog fish on my line.

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I forgot to ask this, should I use a steel leader, Ive had a few pike chomp right through 15lb line.

Joined: 02/10/2009

"you will find them in shallow, weedy bays (5-10 feet)" Thats where they are at right now. The hot weather lately has pushed them here. These channels you are talking about should have active pike. Since the there is murky water, go with lures with a lot of flash.

When you go to pick a lure make sure you get one with a lot of flash and go by the phrase 'bigger is better'. Pike can and will run with big lure, dont be afraid to through them because they are and you dont think youll catch anything with it

Try a large jointed floating rapala, one that is 6-9 inches and is a deep runner.. For some reason, pike are generally attracted more to the jointed rapalas than the not jointed ones. I have found this to be true from expierience.

Other things you can try are:

-1. trolling with a spinnerbait
--2. put a hook through a small bluegill, perch, crappie, or shad on a big bobber and through it along a weedline.
---3. Try spoons ex. red devils. This is probably the mst popular way to catch pike.
----4. Senkos or yum dingers. I have caught many northerns on these while going for bass.
-----5. When there are lily pads around or moss on top of water, throw a frog. I perfer a yum buzzfrog. It is an amazing lure. I have tried two colors of these so far and they work wonders. (carolina pumpkin/yellow and watermelon red flake.) I bought mine at meijer so you can get them almost anywhere that sells Yum products. Also buy some Gamagatsu size 4 offset hooks. Make sure the point of the hook is on TOP of the frog not underneath. You can use these any time during the day but at sun up and sun down are the best times due to the low light conditions or when there are lily pads or moss.

now to answer all your questions...

i think a large jointed floating rapala (deep runner is the best lure) and perch and pike minnows are the best live bait.

I would fish the 6-8 feet deep part of the channel

if you do end up with a dogfish, move on down the channel a little bit. Dog fish are teritorial so they will try to find a spot away from bass and pike.

as for the steel leader, if you are using the large floating rapala, you wont need one. Any of the other lures, using one would be a good idea but NOT nessisary. They do take away action from the lure. You need to decide if you'd rather have more action (which brings in more bites) or less bite but a garentee you wont snap your line. Just a matter of preference. You WILL catch pike either way, though. You'll more likely to cath them without the leader.

Good Luck!

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