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Whats the deal with the new Florida fishing law?

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What exactly is the new law? Also, I know in Florida it used to be that if you have to pay to fish, such as fishing the Sunshine Skyway pier, that you don't need a fishing license. Is that still the case?

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As before, if you're paying a guide, captian, or pier to fish, you don't need a license.

If you're fishing from shore, pier, etc, you'll need a license, now if I'm not mistaken, the shorefishing license isn't the same thing as a regular saltwater fishing license... I believe it's something like $18 compared to the $20-something that your saltwater from boats fishing license is... you still don't need a license for a cane pole (I predict an uprising of simplistic fishing next month)... this doesn't go into effect until the first of August... and here's a link to the state's website just to make sure I didn't make any boo-boo's.

Oh, wow... I did make a boo-boo... it's only $7.50 (plus any taxes or service charges, but still)

There's something nice, too... if you get food stamps, temporary cash assistance or medicaid, you're exempt from it...

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