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Are Worms Good Catfish Bait?

Are Worms Good Catfish Bait?

Author: Doug Burns

Are worms good catfish bait? The simple answer is yes. Many catfish anglers use live worms for catfish bait. Whenever I have a youngster with me I will have a tub of worms. The good and bad with worms is that just about any fish will eat them. You might get a catfish or you might get a bluegill or some other fish.

I like them whenever I have a youngster along just for that reason. Catfish fishing can be a waiting game and kids don’t have a lot of patience. Having the worms gives them more opportunities for bites and to catch a fish even if it is only six inches long. This allows me to concentrate on my fishing.

There are many ways to rig them. The way I generally rig a worm is to cram as much of it as I can on a number 2 bait hook. You can drift or bottom fish this rig. Others cram several worms on the same hook to give it a lively look. If I am serious about using the worm I will rig 2 hooks in tandem and stretch the worm out. I like to drift fish this rig.

If you are really looking just for catfish there are a lot of other baits that will produce more catfish than worms on most occasions. A good source for what the catfish are biting in your area is your locale bait shop. Don’t be afraid to ask.

A couple of good baits that you can buy at the grocery store are shrimp and chicken livers. There is also a large selection of stink baits and dip bait available wherever you can purchase fishing tackle.

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