You are hereKokanee Salmon Ice Fishing - 4 Tips For Catching This Delicious Breed

Kokanee Salmon Ice Fishing - 4 Tips For Catching This Delicious Breed

Kokanee Salmon Ice Fishing - 4 Tips For Catching This Delicious Breed

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Because it is a land-locked variety, Kokanee salmon are more easy to find than other types that are hard to find, especially during the spawning season. Large isolate natural areas are the best places to go Kokanee salmon ice fishing, so you're likely to do better in the Northwestern U.S., Alaska, and Canada. Montana brags about the great Kokanee salmon ice fishing it offers.

The size of Kokanee salmon depends on the density of their population and the abundance of food. They thrive at all depths in cold, clear lakes and reservoirs, and the spawn over gravel and sand at the lower end of tributaries or at the lake shore. Kokanee salmon swim in compact schools and feed on zooplankton. Males have bright red to dirty-red gray backs and sides, their head is bright olive green, and their tail is black. Females are much the same, but their colors are not as bright. Kokanee salmon range from 10 to 18 inches long.

The U.S. Army has developed some basic advice for safe ice fishing. After you have these safety tips down, you're ready to go Kokanee salmon ice fishing. First, you should be in good physical condition to endure the extreme temperatures and to have the best chance of surviving dangerous situations like falling through the ice. Second, you should wear durable clothing that protects from wind, freezing temperatures, and precipitation. But your clothing must not be so cumbersome as to create a hazard if you should fall though the ice. To avoid this dangerous situation, wear a flotation device while ice fishing, something like an inflatable vest or jacket. Third, carry equipment to measure the depth of the ice layer and items for rescue or self-rescue like an ice pick or chisel.

The Army also offers some procedural advice for safety:
- Never go out on the ice alone and never go on the ice if there is any question of safety. Always let someone know where you are going and how long you intend to be there.
- Know what the temperature has been for several days before your trip and keep an eye on the temperature while you are ice fishing.
- Look for areas of open water to avoid and listen for cracks or booms that may indicate unsafe ice thickness.
- If you're going on the ice in a group, always stay at least 10 feet apart so you don't put too much weight on one spot of ice.

Kokanee salmon ice fishing is best done during the coldest part of the winter, when large lakes are frozen over. They'll be more easy to catch near the center of the lake where you can reach the deepest parts of the lake. You'll probably have the best luck in Alaska and northwest Canada, but many areas in the lower 48 area also good for Kokanee salmon ice fishing. Nevada's Lake Tahoe is a popular spot because it's a deep freshwater lake where Kokanee salmon abound because they have plenty of space for breeding. There are also some great spots in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.

Before you go on your Kokanee salmon ice fishing trip, be sure to check local regulations. There are many places that ban the practice, for example Crater Lake and Guelph Lake. While you can do some Kokanee salmon ice fishing in New York's lakes, it is heavily regulated in that state. Be sure to check with the state's fish and wildlife departments to find out if Kokanee salmon ice fishing is allowed there.

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