You are here2 Types Of Salmon Fishing Rod - How To Choose The Ideal One

2 Types Of Salmon Fishing Rod - How To Choose The Ideal One

2 Types Of Salmon Fishing Rod - How To Choose The Ideal One

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Depending on what type of fishing you prefer, will help you decide on the best Salmon Fishing Rod to suit you. The two main types that you find are a bait rod or spinner and a fly rod. Each differs in the type of reel that they have which all depends on the type of rod. You can get Salmon Fishing Rods which are advertised as dual purpose rods and some anglers find these appropriate for their needs, althought you do find that the more experienced fishermen prefer not to use this combination rod but have two specialised rods instead.

1. Fly Salmon Fishing Rods

This type of rod is longer than a bait rod, has more flexibility and is lighter through the butt and also the handle. It is good advice to buy a double handed fly rod as you can cast with both hands or with either hand, which if you are going to catch salmon of the larger size, will be ideal for heavier lines, rods and reels.

These Fly Salmon Fishing Rods are generally have a length from ten up to fifteen feet, so that if you are wading in the deeper waters it will give you the necessary added height, or if you are fishing from your boat. Rods that are under 12 feet are perfect for children, ladies and the shorter men. For taller men or in larger water areas they may want to use a fourteen of fifteen foot rod. A good rod, no matter what length it is will be flexible and bendy enough in its length and should be able to snap back quickly enough into place, so that accuracy of casting can be achieved. A fly rod should ideally be quite slender so there is no wind resistance and heavy enough to handle fighting a salmon weighing in at about 10 to 30 pounds.

2. Bait Salmon Fishing Rod

This type of rod should be designed to have a sturdy enough butt end that is favourable for controlling a fish as it fights in the water. For larger fish it is better to have a rod that is medium to heavy, whilst a heavy rod is the ideal choice if you are using downriggers or when trolling about in a fish boat.

Bait rods are ideally heavily constructed but so that is still sensitive enough that an angler knows when the fish has caught the bait. A bait rod or spinner rod will be heavier the longer it is, which is something to bear in mind; a guide of about seven to ten foot is right, although it depends on what you can handle.

Most Salmon Fishing Rods are constructed using graphite, but you find some of other compounds like e-glass which increases the flexibility with no compromise on the strength.

Make sure the handle of the rod is comfortable on the grip, especially when you are out on the cold waters which typically accompanies the seasons for salmon fishing. Check that the guides are smooth enough, centred and made with materials that are rust proof like aluminium oxide. The pull of the fish is applied directly to the guides through the line, so adequate construction of the rod is crucial so you can land the fish.

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