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Catching Catfish - Learn All About Noodling Technique

Catching Catfish - Learn All About Noodling Technique

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

When you hear anglers speaking about noodling they are not talking about food, rather they are actually discussing a style of fishing that could at the best of times be described as 'odd' or murky. Perhaps this technique of fishing was developed by inapt anglers out of sheer desperation of not being able to catch any fish.

Noodling is a technique used to catch mostly catfish using bare hands ad getting into the water with just a long stick to prod around. Just to make things clear, noodling is the technique to prod around the murky water of the river or lake bed with bare hands in search of catfish – very large catfish.

Noodling is also known as grabbling is not a legal activity in most states of the US and is believed to have been invented by the Native Americans much before the Europeans settled there. (Well for arguments sake, we come to their land and ban their form of livelihood) Noodling is, however legal in some states such as Arkansas, North Carolina or Mississippi. So if you want to experience the fishing technique known as noodling you should plan a fishing expedition to one of these places.

Grabbling or noodling was one of the most inexpensive ways of providing the family with food during the great depression as of today this is a method that is best suited to get some flathead blue catfish or channel for dinner though this form of fishing is mostly resorted to for the fun of the sport with most grabblers catching the fish and releasing them.

Catfish move to shallow waters to spawn in the summer months of May through July. During these months the waters are warm and tepid and are best suited for laying eggs. The catfish rummage around in the murky shallows and this is where they can easily be caught. The popular places they lay their eggs are the shallow waters beneath boat ramps, under rocks and in holes in the side banks. Once the eggs are laid the female leaves the rest of the job to the male catfish who must spend the rest of the spawning season aerating and guarding the eggs. It is only when the offspring are ready to leave the nest will the male catfish leave the nest as well. It must be kept in mind that catfish become very aggressive during their spawning season and can snap at anything that comes within harm reach of the nest. So if you are new to noodling then you should be very cautious when confronting a catfish.

The process of noodling is to locate catfish by running your bare hands along the riverbed to find a hole or opening. The catfish is a bottom eating fish and so it is quite clean so these openings are easy to locate as the catfish constantly cleans the entrance of its nest and areas around it. When you locate your prey you will hear a low angry thumping sound. Yu will then need to get into the water completely to grabble with the catfish. You will need to practice holding your breath under water to stay there long enough to get some results. You will also need a long stick to guide the catfish to within your arms reach and noodle or grabble it. What a shame to have to let it go after all this hard work.

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