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Choosing Salmon Flies for Fly Fishing

Choosing Salmon Flies for Fly Fishing

Author: Andy Kitchener

If you are fishing for salmon you are sure to be treated to a bit of a fight and there are a few things you need to know before you embark on this great outdoor activity to make it as enjoyable as possible. There are many different ways you can go fishing for salmon but as fly fishing enthusiasts will agree, you can easily go after salmon with the perfect fly for a fantastic fishing experience. In general you will need a 12-16 ft. graphite or fibreglass rod, fly reel and line but the type of fly you will need will vary depending on the type of salmon you are after. Fly fishing is particularly fruitful for Alaska Salmon although we have customers taking salmon throughout Europe including countries as diverse as Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and even the Faroe Islands. European Salmon fishing is the main type we will be talking about in this article as a basis for comparison.

Firstly, if you want to fish for salmon in cold waters, you will need to pick an appropriately sized fly. Large flies that are fished slowly will work the best in this type of water. You should also consider the taking zone of the salmon, which is usually quite small so your fly will need to land within a few feet of the salmon. It is not uncommon to use flies of three inches and more in cold conditions and tubes are quite popular for this type of environment. For deeper pools copper tube flies may be necessary to get deep to where the salmon or in shallower faster rivers it may be necessary to have a lighter fly that can skate over the surface stimulating the salmon into taking the fly.

The colour of your fly should also be considered when choosing the right salmon flies. Yellow has a significant impact on fly fishing in cold waters whereas yellow, orange and green are excellent choices for spring. Warm waters tend to use gold, silver or holographic bodies or binding around simple black flies. The best flies can be a combination of black, yellow and silver to create a variety of effects. Ensure you have a large selection of different colours and sizes of salmon flies to choose from for every situation. Always take into account the fish you are aiming for, what water you are fishing in and what the temperature is alongside other more detailed fly fishing factors. One of the most popular modern flies is the Allys Cascade Fly and the Allys Shrimp in its different colours has proved highy popular and caught many salmon.

If you are new to fly fishing you should be aware that although the concept of fly fishing is simple the practice and knowledge required is quite complex. You need to ensure you have the right fly, leader and tippet and much more to make sure you don’t end up losing the fish at the crucial moment. The best advice to give would be to take a selection of flies along with a selection of leaders and tippets to create the perfect fly fishing experience for whatever situation. Practice and theory learning alongside some sage advice from a professional fly fisher will help you build up the confidence to choose your fly with ease every time.

Why not try a black and yellow nylon salmon tube fly, a willie gunn or a black and yellow copper tube for cold water salmon fishing although this colour combination is highly reliable throughout the year and highly recommended.

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Andy is CEO of The Essential Fly, a quality manufacturer or fly fishing flies, fly fishing tackle and gear and fly tying materials.

Andy is a passionate fisherman and always looking at new materials and flies and their effects on the quarry fish.

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