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The Best Catfish Baits Available Today

The Best Catfish Baits Available Today

Author: Daniel Eggertsen

Catfish are one of the most sought after species by anglers everywhere. This is partly because they put up such a great fight that it makes fishing exciting and fun. There is no better feeling than reeling in that big one after several minutes of dealing with them fighting hard. It makes fishing more challenging and rewarding when you have to actually work for the catch. Another reason catfish is so popular is because they are said to make a delicious meal. They are certainly worth the effort you put into catching them.

Catfish eat a wide variety of different types of bait so you do have a lot of choices that will all work very well. It is always a good idea to have a variety of bait on all trips so you can switch off if you are not having any luck with a specific kind on any given day. Occasionally, the catfish will be picky and prefer one over the other so it never hurts to be prepared. This way you never have to worry about coming home empty handed.

Here are a few of the best catfish baits available and when the best time to use them would normally be:

* Minnows - Minnows are very good bait when used for catching catfish any time of the year. It doesn't matter if they are alive or dead they still work great. You can use them in shallow or deep water and they work well for any technique you choose to use.

* Worms - When you talk about using worms for bait it normally refers to night crawlers that can be found in most any bait shop or to the average garden worm that you can dig up yourself in your own back yard. Either one works extremely well in the early spring when the fish are getting ready to spawn and in the winter. Using a weight to help the bait stay closer to the bottom will help catch some of the larger fish that feed off the bottom of the water. Worms will also work great when Carolina jigging for catfish.

* Shrimp Bait - Shrimp has been around for many years and it is still recommended for catching catfish. It is the prefect bait to use when you are fishing in strong currents or when casting long distances. They also work very well when drift fishing. Normally, you will get the best results when using them in the first part of spring to late fall but they can be used at other times as well.

* Crawfish - Catfish really seem to go for crawfish in many areas. If you have never given this type of bait a try, you should take some with you on your next trip to see how well it works for you. This bait also seems to work best from early spring to late fall and they can be purchased from most any bait shop. You will find that you can't get a better catfish bait than this one when fishing in the smaller rivers and creeks.

* Artificial Bait - Many anglers feel that artificial bait is the best you can use when catfishing. There are a lot of reasons why so many people feel this way. For example, it is a fact that artificial lures are easier to pack up and take with you anytime you are ready for a fishing trip. They can be stored away fast and easy and they are always available. You never have to worry about keeping them fresh and all you need to do to care for them is clean them after each use. They are definitely much cleaner than live bait and they can help an angler enhance his or her catfishing skills. They can be used in all conditions and any time of the year.

* Chicken livers - Did you know that catfish love chicken livers? That is why it is rated one of the best catfish baits available. This bait has a very strong meaty smell that grabs the attention of the catfish and draws them towards it. Chicken livers work great any time you use them. If you have been fishing for awhile without a bite, you will need to change your bait because after about twenty minutes they start to lose their appeal.

* Shad - If you are trying to catch big catfish, then you need to give shad a try. The biggest fish require a big meal because they won't waste their time with small bait. Shad is the perfect choice for catching large catfish and it will work great when fishing some of the larger rivers and reservoirs.

These are the main baits that are used by anglers when fishing for catfish. There are others available and you may even have your own special bait that produces well for you every time you go out. Still, these are some great choices that you are sure to have lots of success when using. Good luck catfishing!

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