You are hereHow To Catch Catfish In Mississippi Best Spots, Tactics, Tips

How To Catch Catfish In Mississippi Best Spots, Tactics, Tips

How To Catch Catfish In Mississippi Best Spots, Tactics, Tips

Author: Daniel Eggertsen

Have you ever had the opportunity to go Mississippi catfish fishing? If not, you really should give it a try because it will be one of the best fishing trips that you have ever experienced. Some of the biggest catfish ever caught came from the Mississippi River. In fact, the Mississippi state record for the blue catfish was caught here. This is just one example of the opportunities the lakes and rivers in Mississippi has to offer.

Catfish are bottom feeders and most of the time they will eat anything they can fit into their mouth. This gives the angler quite an advantage because they don't have to be too picky about what they use for bait.

The catfish has extremely sensitive smell that they use to locate the food source and a good angler will use this to their advantage.

If it smells and looks anything like food the catfish will go after it. Some of the best bait to use to catch catfish include shrimp, chicken, livers and stink baits. In fact, stink baits are so popular that many anglers make their own.

There are many different recipes available that you can go by or you can experiment and come up with your own personal mixture. Either way, if it stinks and will hold together on the hook, then it will most likely attract the catfish and give you the opportunity to catch a lot of fish.

If making your own bait is not an option, then you can also buy many different recipes already prepared.

Lakes and Rivers in Mississippi for Great Catfish Fishing

There are many lakes, rivers and reservoirs found in Mississippi that are the prefect habitat for catfish. If you are not familiar with the area, then you may need a little help trying to figure out where to go. The list of lakes, rivers and reservoirs listed below is a great way to get started and plan your fishing trips.

Grenada Reservoir
Okatibbee Lake
Ross R Barnett Reservoir
Enid Reservoir
Lake Tom Bailey
Sardis Lake
Pickwick Lake

The state record for the channel catfish was caught in Lake Tom Bailey and the flathead state record was caught in Pickwick Lake. These are just two examples of what the different lakes and rivers in this area have to offer. There are many other great opportunities available when fishing in these waters.

You will find that most all major lakes and rivers are the home to different species of catfish. What this means for the angler is that there are several different tactics that can be used to catch each species.

The tactics and tips listed below will help you know which methods would work the best for catfish fishing in Mississippi.

Tactics and Tips for Mississippi Catfish Fishing

Different tactics should be used for the different types of catfish if you want to get the best results. When channel catfish fishing you will find that crawfish and other smaller fish are the best baits to use because these are the natural food source they will be feeding off of naturally.

You can also find the channel catfish in areas where you see this food source. Normally, areas of the water that has gravel and rocks would be the best place to start your search.

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