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Tips for Lake Michigan Perch Fishing

If you fish the vast waters of Lake Michigan for perch you know how much fun it can be. You also know how difficult it can be to find the fish on some days. I fish out of South Haven MI and try to get on the water 40 days every summer. In sharing some of my experience I hope it helps someone catch more fish.

I like to fish the perch in relation to the water temp and the time of year. Early in the year I find big schools of Perch in 50-65 ft. It may seem hopeless but try to find a depression or something hard on the bottom. In the summer when the water is close to 70 deg f they tend to be in the 20-30 ft range. I have done very well by fishing a small depression maybe 20 foot in diameter.

We are talking about a small area that is 1 or 2 feet deeper than the water around it. One thing I have learned is when the water flips(goes from 70 to 50's or 60) many times the perch move into very shallow water. Don't be afraid to move close to shore to find rocks or seaweed. You can even sight fish them in the shallow water. I would not recommend trying this on a rough day.

Late summer for me is the most hit and miss time to catch Perch. Drift fishing works well in the late summer. I drift to find a school, and then anchor for a bit. If they quit biting I drift again.

Anyone who like the taste of fresh perch, and the sport of fishing should try Lake Michigan perch fishing. Remember just because there is a group of boats in one spot does not mean they are catching fish. I have been the only boat in an area many times on days when the group of boats has a total of fish equal to my boats fish. Happy fishing, and if you catch a goby, KILL IT.

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