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King Salmon Fishing - Some Important Tips

King Salmon Fishing - Some Important Tips

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

All through the river and coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, king salmon fishing is noted as one of the most essential outdoor sporting activities also including Canada, Alaska, and British Columbia. King salmon fishing is an important activity because it brings profits to the area concerned, through the retailing of fishing licenses it provides funds to natural assets and wildlife conservation and management. This kind of fishing activity attracts not only hundreds but thousands of fishermen ever year.

Tips to King Salmon Fishing

Knowing the habits and behavior of the king salmon is the key to catching the best specie in any given situation and style, most fishermen will agree that this is the key to king salmon fishing. King salmon is also known by different kinds of names which are Chinook, Spring, Tule, Tyee and Bluemouth. The king salmon weighs more than 35 pounds considering it is the biggest of the species of salmon. The biggest king salmon was caught using a fish trap this was recorded in 1949 and it happened just outside Peterson, Alaska. It weighed 126 pounds and until now it still holds the record. In the Kenai River in Alaska another large king salmon was caught just by using a reel and a rod it weighed over 97 pounds.

King salmon can be caught both in fresh and salted water because they spend their life in both environment, king salmon fishing focuses on this environments. The life cycle of king salmon starts from fresh water where they are being hatched, then matures in the salt water when it is migrated and goes back to the fresh water to produce and die. King salmon takes around 2 to 7 years to mature in salt water before they go back to fresh water to produce. This only means that there are a lot of varieties and sizes to choose from when you are in king salmon fishing.

If the king salmon is still in the fresh water they eat plankton and insects especially when they are young if they are during their second year and already in the salted water they eat squid, herring and crustaceans. And if the time comes to produce they go back to the fresh water and feed on flies but there are debates if king salmon are actually eating it or just hitting it because they are excited and irritated.

The location of the fish and what lures to choose are the things to be considered when going on king salmon fishing. Experts in king salmon fishing can make precise predictions about what bait to use to attract the fish in different waters. Heavier bait, Rapalas, downriggers and jigs are effective when deep water fishing and ocean fishing because it copies the movements of a bait fish. When fishing in the river areas the rattle and spinner baits are more likely to be effective which is close the bottom and being dragged against the current. So when the fish are moving upstream most likely they will strike on the bait.

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