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Salmon Fishing - 8 Tips To Get You Started

Salmon Fishing - 8 Tips To Get You Started

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Any form of fishing can be challenging. However, some enthusiasts choose to concentrate on a specialized department such as Salmon fishing, to become expert at it. The more you practice at a particular category, the more will you get accustomed to the habits of the fish... Salmon fishing in particular is a popular sport thanks to the intelligence of these fish and the challenge of fishing only during low light days or evening hours. Check out some of these tips to help you get better at this department of fishing -

1. The best time to do some Salmon fishing is during the hours of the day when the light levels are low, and on overcast days. This is because Salmon do not like the bright light too much, and they hide into deep holes at the bottom, on extremely bright days.

2. Do remember that these creatures never feed whilst still inside the river water. If they strike, that is a behavior that has been learned. They are usually predators and are aggressive - until they get into lake waters that it.

3. Position your hook by yanking thrice on the pole, and do this in a downstream motion. You could get set better by using the free hand to handle the fishing line. Remember if you pull the line straight up, it tends to jerk the hook and line right out of the mouth of the catch.

4. Salmon have rather thick and coarse jaws. So keep in mind that a blunt hook would never do. Sharpen your fishing hooks well so they can pierce the Salmon mouth..

5. It is always more fun to go fishing with a friend, and when you are out fishing for Salmon, two pairs of eyes can spot them better. Another idea is to have one of the partners posted on higher ground so he and she can direct the movement of the Salmon to the other partner that is holding the line. The person on high ground could use polarized glasses so as to get a view without distractive reflections.

6. Once you get your line into a hole with a bunch of the Salmon inside, you could literally sit all day just getting catch after catch.

7. Adjust the length of the tippet keeping your weight in mind, and make sure it does match the depth of the hole and also the depth where the fish really are. Make sure you do not drag your weight, and reach the bottom only every now and then. If your tippet has a length of three feet, that would set up the fly anywhere between half a foot to two feet up from the bottom.

8. You could place a foam indicator on the top of the fly, and this would get it a bit higher in the column of water.

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