You are hereSalmon Fishing In Canada - Plenty Of Salmon To Catch

Salmon Fishing In Canada - Plenty Of Salmon To Catch

Salmon Fishing In Canada - Plenty Of Salmon To Catch

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Salmon enthusiasts like nothing more than to scout for that perfect spot to hook that big one, something to brag about with your fishing buddies at home. That perfect catch hanging over your fireplace or sizzling on the grill. More and more have flocked to Canada with its numerous lakes, rivers, coastlines, and tributaries that yield different varieties of the best salmon. Canada has a multitude of chalets and lodges nearby landlocked or ocean fishing spots. Guides and charter services will not only offer booking and trips but will give recommendations on how and where to look for that perfect catch but will also give you fishing packages so your trip will be hassle free. All you have to do now is sit back, cast that line and reel in that beauty. There are several areas which were marked as excellent fishing ground with an abundance of salmon species.

Canada’s fishing sites are split into two, the eastern and the western coast. Both are magnificent in their own respective ways. The fishing enthusiasts then have options on the kind of ambiance they would like to avail.

Western Canada’s Pacific Coast is the breeding ground to a countless of salmon species that will give chances for fishing enthusiasts to have their fill of salmon fishing. Five varieties of salmon species namely the Coho, Sockeye, Chinook, Chum and Pink make British Columbia thrive in these cool waters of Vancouver up to the Alaskan border. Villages and towns boast of having tremendous possibilities which can be enjoyed when services of their chartered boats are contracted. The trip to the deeper parts of the coastal area grants them higher odds of capturing the large Chinooks and the Chums.

The Campbell River on Vancouver Island is also noteworthy salmon fishing prospects. In spring and autumn salmon proliferate in the rivers and the tributaries such as the Fraser River. Western Canada is not just a great place to fish but it is also known for its scenic spots.

Meanwhile, the eastern part of Canada also boasts of just as many prospects in deep sea and fly fishing. The shorelines of the Maritime Provinces are better avoided greenhorn fishermen for it is rougher and more dangerous. The more daring veteran anglers are fascinated by the turbulent waters. The Miramichi and New Brunswick Rivers are also a must if one has to go salmon fishing.
Newfoundland in the meantime is a host to lots of great rivers ideal for salmon fishing including the well known Humber River, the place where majority of the Atlantic salmon originates.

The Canadian salmon fishing experience can even become better with the help of expert guides who handles guided tours and chartered fishing boats. These professionals have the uncanny means of finding the best spots with boundless supply of salmon. If memorable salmon fishing is your ultimate goal, Canada with its extremely productive streams, rivers and coastal area, is the place for you. The immense body of water found in Canada is a virtual treasure-trove of all kinds of fish especially salmon.

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