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Brightly Colored Saltwater Salmon Fishing Lures - Their Importance

Brightly Colored Saltwater Salmon Fishing Lures - Their Importance

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

A key factor to remember when buying a saltwater salmon fishing lure is the color. Take note that it is better to get lures with bright and luminescent colors than choosing dull shaded ones. Saltwater fishing is done by using the trolling method and using brightly colored lures are advisable in this type of fishing because bright ones shimmers in water therefore attracting fishes. The not so brightly colored lures are best used in freshwater fishing and are also recommended for salmon fishing as well.

In saltwater salmon fishing, baits are often used to attract more fish. Examples of baits include minnows, worms, plastic or live worms, eggs or maggot larva. When choosing bait, it is better to opt for what is available in the shops. If you are quite new in the location you picked as a fishing spot, try talking to the people knowledgeable in the area and ask what the ideal bait for the fishes is and what the condition of the water.

The most popular lure in salmon fishing is the spoons. Of course it also applies in spoon lures that the brighter the color the more effective the lure will be. Patterned spoons can work well too. When choosing colors for lures, it is important to stick with visible colors than going for black, brown or dark colors.

Spoons usually have hooks that can either be single or treble. The size is usually determined by size of hook and the type of bait used.

Another type of lures are what you call plugs. It is popular to use in saltwater salmon fishing. Plugs are described as a long tubular shaped made of plastic or wood that often resembles a bait fish. Plugs usually have single or treble hook attached to its belly. These hooks can keep the salmon fish secure. Anglers for years have been using plugs and a lot of them can be seen in museums and wildlife expeditions.

In salmon fishing, bait rigs are commonly used in the West coast of Canada and United States. Bait rigs are often combined with a spinner blade to add vibration and reflection in the water. Herring, worms, shrimps and anchovies are common baits for salmon. These kinds of salmon fishing lures are becoming popular in fresh bodies of water as well.

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