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Trout Fishing - Lure And Bait Information

Trout Fishing - Lure And Bait Information

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Before practicing any sport, it is good to know all the hidden tips & tricks of the game.

Before going in for trout fishing, you must understand some exclusive lures & the baits that you would use to accomplish the task. There are several ideas that can be implied and their success or failure would only be decided once you try them. Yet, here is a brief list of some tips that would help you pack better for the trip.

Here are some tips that would help you become a pro in Trout Fishing:

1. Rod & Reel

The key requisites for all sorts of fishing expedition are the rod & the reel. While some fishermen prefer using a fly rod for the job, many others yet prefer using the rod & the reel. While using the rods, here are some facts you must keep in mind:

a. It should be light in weight.
b. The length must be from 4 to 5 feet long.
c. The reel must be light duty spinning one or the spin casting reel.
d. The test line ought to be 4 to 6 pounds.
e. It must have bronze hooks that are #10 to #14.
f. It must be able to perform some small split shots.
g. The other related accessories include small knife & others.

2. Types of Lures

Fishing lures vary with each type of fishing. For trout fishing these are the following lures commonly used by the fishermen:

a. The fishermen determine the lure on the basis of the fish type, style, size, etc.
b. The fishermen learn them with experience.
c. Spinners, jigs & other minnow imitators serve as good trout lures.
d. Many colors colors & styles can work out.
e. Some good starters are Gold-Browns, Copper-Brookies and Silver-Rainbows.

3. Types of Bait

a. The market is flooded with varied kinds of baits, and the fact is that trout are very choosy & unpredictable.
b. They may like any bait any time. In fact the same trout might love a certain type of bait today & hate it tomorrow.
c. You may also try asking the other trout fishers of the area to get an idea for the baiting for the day.
d. Never-the-less, you must be prepared with different types of baits together. In case one fails, just switch to another.
e. Nightcrawler worm is one of the best known live baits for trout fishing.
f. They are quite easy to use.
g. They are readily available in the market.
h. Their weight is easily manageable.
i. Above all troutrs love the nightcrawler worms.
j. Other popular options are Hellgramites & water worms.
k. Some regular worms are quite small & hence hard to cast.
l. The small minnow also at times works well, dependent on the season & the type of the trouts.

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