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Bass Fishing Equipment:Chasing The Whopper

Author: Paul Winter

The sport and art of angling has many different subsidiary styles depending upon which fish you're fishing for. But few styles of angling can be more fun or as thrilling as bass fishing. Fishing for bass is widely popularized by professional tournaments and speciality television shows, and thus, bass fishing equipment is produced and endorsed the same as Nike or Wilson. It's the thrill of catching that ten pound bass that makes this style of angling especially fun.

Trout Fishing in Montana - A Perfect Day

Montana is blessed with water; gin-clear cold water. Fed from glaciers, winter snowpack and deep mountain springs, Montana's pristine chilly waters are a perfect habitat for trout. Rainbow, Lake, Cutthroat, Brown and Brook Trout thrive to the delight of bears and anglers.

Trout depend on cold water to survive. Our waters are cold, trout flourish in Montana. Brook Trout are the easiest to catch but the most sensitive to water temperature; their population begins to diminish in waters that exceed 68 degrees F., Montana's other species of trout are comfortable at slightly warmer temps. Many fishermen feel that the wary Brown Trout is the most difficult to catch.

South Pacific Fishing - Most Exciting Fishing Experience

The exciting experiences that the South Pacific waters provide to anglers who frequent the many fishing zones has made this the perfect and most sought after fishing locations of many fishermen from around the world. The adventure and excitement these waters offer fishermen has o limitations. You never know what to expect when fishing the waters of the South Pacific. You are bound to find many anglers from places like New Zealand and neighboring countries during the warm summer months when Tuna and Bull fish throng the waters in search of warmer habitats.

During the cooler months of the year is when the fishermen have a whale of a time angling for fish of their choice. You do not need much equipment to have wonderful time fishing in the waters of the South Pacific. Just remember to bring your clothes, sun that and goggles along with your simple fishing gear and you are ready to go!

Advice for Catfish Fishers - 5 Simple Tips To A Successful Trip

Catfish are one of the most diverse species of fish on the planet! They range in size at maturity from 1/2 inch to giants of 8 feet. They thrive all over the world, in both fresh and salt water. Most catfish live near the bottom of rivers and lakes, but some live in the open ocean. They are boney fish that tend to sink rather than float. Named for the thin, whisker-like tactile organ (barbel) near their mouths, the catfish's "whiskers" contain its tastebuds.

Catfish are a source of food for cultures all over the world, though people differ as to their taste and appeal. Because adult catfish do not have scales, they are not considered Kosher in Jewish culture. In the United States, the channel and blue catfish are a favorite food.

Tips To Trophy Walleyes

Walleye Fishing

The best walleye populations are found in Midwest lakes that are sandy, windswept, and moderately fertile. Generally, these lakes have a walleye's favorite food, yellow perch, in healthy numbers.

These types of lakes are also likely to carry a wide variety of other gamefish. Most have largemouth bass, sunfish, crappies, northern pike and maybe smallmouth bass and muskies.

The location of walleyes depends on the oxygen content of the lake. Many fertile lakes lack oxygen in the depths in summer, forcing walleyes into the shallows often 10 feet or less in depth.


The ideal spawning habitat for walleyes is created when constant waves expose rubble along the shoreline. This perpetual motion of water keeps eggs aerated and prevents them from silting over.

Fly Fishing Kayaks

Fly fishing is a unique activity to be practiced while in a kayak and is not favoured by many kayakers. Fly fishing from a kayak is not very easy and requires great control and experience. However, once paddlers can master this art, fly fishing from a kayak can be a very exciting and equally fun filled activity.

Fly Fishing Using a Kayak

Usually the amateur kayakers do not indulge in fly fishing from a kayak because they do not have the skill to balance the kayak while fishing. Kayaks are mainly used for fly fishing only on such lakes and ponds where no other watercraft can be used. Kayaks are very comfortable, fast, can save a lot of energy and allow exploring remote fishing areas.

4 Types Of Fishing Rods For the Avid Angler!

Fishing done either for recreation (as a part of one's hobby or pastime) or done for a source of living requires the right kind of tool to make profit out of it. Judging by stone inscriptions, fishing rods go back to ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome.

Prior to widespread availability of synthetic materials, such as fiberglass and graphite composites, fishing rods were typically made from split Tonkin bamboo. A fishing rod or a fishing pole is a tool used to catch fish, usually in conjunction with the sport of angling. (Sustenance and commercial fishing usually involves nets).

A length of fishing line is attached to a long, flexible rod or pole: one end terminates in a hook for catching the fish.

5 Types of Fly Fishing Flies

Although most flies represent water insects, a terrestrial fly is made to imitate a land insect that has fallen into the water. The two most common terrestrials that are imitated for fly fishing are the ant and the grasshopper.

Although there are hundreds of types of flies used for fly fishing, most of them fall into five specific categories, or types. These types are dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, streamers and buck tails, and terrestrials. The main purpose of the fly is to imitate an insect that the fish wants to eat.

The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in the US

Where are the most popular lakes for bass fishing in the U.S., what types of bass can you catch in these waters and how can you plan your own great bass fishing lake getaway? There are many wonderful lakes all over the US to fish for great bass in. To our knowledge, the lists below of bass fishing lakes are open and operable for fishing. However, it is important to keep in mind that changes can take place from time to time so you should always contact the lake first to be sure it is still open for bass fishing or open at the particular time you intend to go.

When searching for bass fishing lakes, you need to know where in the country you are looking and the time of year that it is since in some areas, bass may not be in the waters during the particular time you are planning to fish there. You have a few different options when it comes to gathering this type of information such as the ones listed below.

How to Find Bass Fishing Lakes

Basic Bass Fishing Facts That Beginners Must Know

Bass fishing is something that many may not know about. It rather has a fascinating story. Late 18th century saw its start and it has been developing till date. Many are now getting obsessed with this activity.

It has rather become the most admired activities of many people all around the globe. Many countries are now adopting this activity.

The people of southern United States possibly started it as a practice in search of food. Since then, it has been gaining a large audience from all age groups and countries. At present, many nations like United States, Cuba, Australia, South Africa and many from Europe take part in such events.

The birth year of bass fishing activity was 1768 or 1770.Onesimus Ustonson was one who pioneered his first multiplying spools to fishing experts and bass fishing admirers. Since then, it was expanded into a bait caster.

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